[X86] Cleanup ADCX/ADOX instruction definitions.
[lldb.git] / llvm / CODE_OWNERS.TXT
2017-10-26 Simon DardisUpdate my email addresses, NFC.
2017-08-24 Pete Couperus[ARC] Add ARC backend.
2017-08-23 Greg ClaytonUpdated my email address.
2017-06-30 Chandler CarruthRemove the BBVectorize pass.
2017-06-24 Craig Topper[CODE_OWNERS] Add my other email address since my commi...
2017-03-10 Matthias BraunCODE_OWNERS: Take code ownership of instruction scheduling.
2017-03-10 Matthias BraunCODE_OWNERS: Sort names
2017-02-15 Teresa JohnsonCollapse my two entries in CODE_OWNERS.txt
2017-02-09 Tom StellardCODE_OWNERS: Update email address
2017-02-08 Peter CollingbourneTake code ownership of LLVM bitcode.
2017-02-08 Dylan McKayUpdate CODE_OWNERS with my new email address
2016-12-02 Teresa JohnsonCODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of IR Linker as discussed...
2016-11-30 Quentin ColombetCODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of Loop Strenght Reduce.
2016-11-12 Craig TopperCODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of the X86 backend.
2016-11-08 Michael KupersteinCODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of the loop vectorizer.
2016-11-01 Alex Bradbury[RISCV] Add stub backend
2016-09-15 Peter CollingbourneTake ownership of libLTO as discussed on llvm-dev.
2016-09-05 whitequarkCODE_OWNERS: bring my entry up to date
2016-08-02 Albert Gutowskitest commit
2016-07-23 Simon DardisCODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of the MIPS backend
2016-07-21 Richard OsborneTransfer ownership of the XCore backend.
2016-07-05 Rafael EspindolaTransfer ownership of the gold plugin.
2016-05-26 Hans WennborgSort my entry in CODE_OWNERS.TXT
2016-05-26 Sanjoy DasAdd myself as the code owner for SCEV and IndVarSimplify
2016-05-20 Justin BognerCODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of SelectionDAG
2016-05-10 Nadav RotemUpdate my email address.
2016-04-01 David BlaikieUpdate owners to reflect recent changes
2016-03-28 Jacques Pienaar[lanai] Add Lanai backend.
2016-03-08 Hans WennborgAdd self to CODE_OWNERS
2016-01-30 Alexey Samsonov[docs] Remove references to autotools build.
2015-12-19 Paul RobinsonThe PS4 baton passes.
2015-12-03 Krzysztof ParzyszekFriendly takeover of the Hexagon backend
2015-10-28 Dylan McKayAdd myself as the the code owner for the AVR backend
2015-10-26 Tim NorthoverSwitch ownership of miscellaneous ARM target to myself.
2015-09-07 David MajnemerCODE_OWNERS.TXT is supposed to be sorted by surname
2015-08-12 David MajnemerAdd myself as the InstCombine owner.
2015-06-29 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Initial WebAssembly backend
2015-05-05 Andrey ChurbanovAdded Andrey Churbanov as the owner of the OpenMP runti...
2015-04-20 David MajnemerAdd myself as the Constant Folder owner.
2015-03-16 Joerg SonnenbergerTom is also responsible for the 3.6 branch.
2015-03-05 Quentin Colombet[CODE_OWNERS] Change the ownership of register allocators.
2015-01-28 Alex RosenbergAssume code ownership for the PS4 to ensure patches...
2015-01-24 Alexei StarovoitovBPF backend
2014-12-18 Ulrich WeigandAdd myself as SystemZ code owner
2014-12-12 Peter CollingbourneTom Stellard is now the code owner for libclc.
2014-12-11 Justin BognerTry again at sorting entries in CODE_OWNERS
2014-12-11 Justin BognerFix some incorrectly sorted entries in CODE_OWNERS
2014-12-11 Justin BognerAdd code owners for profiling and coverage
2014-12-08 Peter CollingbourneMake myself the code owner for llgo.
2014-09-12 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd Tom Stellard's role as 3.5 release manager.
2014-08-04 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd a sentence that all entries should include an email...
2014-07-25 Hal FinkelClaim AA generally as code owner
2014-07-25 Hal FinkelAdd code owner of scoped-noalias metadata
2014-07-17 Lang HamesMake myself code owner of MCJIT.
2014-04-02 Renato GolinARM Linux support
2014-03-13 Tim NorthoverUpdate my e-mail address in CODE_OWNERS.TXT
2014-02-18 Marshall ClowAdd myself as owner for libc++
2014-02-14 Howard HinnantRemove myself as owner of libc++
2013-12-04 Bill WendlingUpdate email address.
2013-11-28 Daniel SandersAs myself as code-owner of the MIPS backend (lib/Target...
2013-11-20 Hal FinkelAdd loop rerolling code owner
2013-11-15 Chad RosierUpdate contact information.
2013-11-13 Peter ZotovAdd myself to CODE_OWNERS for the OCaml bindings
2013-06-27 Kostya SerebryanyAdd more owners to CODE_OWNERS.TXT (Kostya Serebryany...
2013-05-08 Richard SandifordAdd myself as SystemZ code owner
2013-04-17 Eric ChristopherFix random typo.
2013-04-10 Bill WendlingMove info to CREDITS.TXT file.
2013-04-10 Bill WendlingMarking myself as release manager.
2013-03-18 Bill WendlingUpdate
2013-03-12 Bill WendlingReflect reality.
2013-01-31 Tim NorthoverAdd myself as code owner of AArch64 backend.
2013-01-15 Michael J. SpencerUpdate CODE_OWNERS.TXT.
2012-12-19 Tom StellardR600: Add entry in CODE_OWNERS.TXT
2012-12-05 Andrew TrickTaking ownership of indvars/lsr.
2012-12-03 Chris Lattnerclarify that this isn't lld.
2012-11-30 Bill WendlingBe more clear on what parts of code I own.
2012-11-30 Bill WendlingAdd me as LTO code owner.
2012-11-27 Richard SmithRemove some Clang-specific ownership roles.
2012-11-27 Richard SmithMove Clang code owners list from llvm/ to cfe/.
2012-11-22 Venkatraman Govind... Added me as the owner of the Sparc backend
2012-11-22 Rafael EspindolaMark me as the owner of the gold plugin.
2012-11-19 Anshuman DasguptaAdd myself as owner of the Hexagon backend.
2012-11-17 Richard SmithPer agreement with Doug, take ownership of Clang's...
2012-11-16 Andrew KaylorClaim ownership of MCJIT
2012-11-16 Chad RosierClaim the driver.
2012-11-16 Richard OsborneAdd myself as owner of XCore Backend.
2012-11-16 Chandler CarruthAdd myself as the code owner for a bunch of stuff.
2012-11-15 Galina KistanovaAdded myself as owner of LLVM Buildbot.
2012-11-15 Eric ChristopherClarify.
2012-11-15 Owen AndersonClaim ownership of everyone's favorite part of the...
2012-11-15 Eric ChristopherMore ownership, no one likes these things anyways.
2012-11-15 Nadav RotemUpdate the code ownership.
2012-11-15 Evan ChengClarify my code ownership
2012-11-15 Sergei LarinAdd myself as owner of VLIW Instruction Scheduling...
2012-11-15 Anton KorobeynikovAdd ARM EABI to my list of responsibilities.
2012-11-14 Nadav RotemUpdate my email address and update the code ownership
2012-11-14 Justin HolewinskiAdd myself as code owner for NVPTX target
2012-11-14 Chad RosierClaim ownership.
2012-11-14 Benjamin KramerSort the code owner list alphabetically. Add myself...
2012-11-14 Eric ChristopherGrab debug information for code ownership.