[X86] Cleanup ADCX/ADOX instruction definitions.
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2018-01-29 Tony JiangAdd myself to CREDITS.txt
2018-01-18 Sylvestre Ledruwe have now https support for apt.llvm.org. Updating...
2017-09-18 Alex BradburyAdd myself to CREDITS.txt
2017-07-01 Teresa JohnsonAnother test commit
2017-07-01 Teresa JohnsonStill debugging
2017-07-01 Teresa JohnsonStill test commit
2017-07-01 Teresa JohnsonAnother test commit
2017-06-30 NAKAMURA TakumiCREDITS.TXT: Update myself.
2017-06-24 Anton KorobeynikovAnother test commit
2017-06-24 Anton KorobeynikovStill debugging
2017-06-24 Anton KorobeynikovStill test commit
2017-06-24 Anton KorobeynikovAnother test commit
2017-06-24 Anton KorobeynikovAnother test commit
2017-06-24 Anton KorobeynikovTest commit
2017-06-24 Anton KorobeynikovTest commit: update my email
2017-05-14 Sylvestre Ledruupdate of the url
2017-03-10 Matthias BraunCODE_OWNERS: Take code ownership of instruction scheduling.
2017-02-06 Jon ChesterfieldRevert r294228
2017-02-06 Jon ChesterfieldTest commit access
2016-12-14 Jan SjodinRevert revision 289721.
2016-12-14 Jan SjodinDummy commit.
2016-11-24 Abhilash BhandariTest Commit, removing a blank line in CREDITS.TXT
2016-11-14 Michael KupersteinGive SLP vectorizer credit where it's due.
2016-11-01 Erich KeaneTest Commit, removed extraneous newline
2016-08-04 Adrian PrantlShamelessly add myself to CREDITS.TXT
2016-05-10 Nadav RotemUpdate my email address.
2016-05-02 Piotr PadlewskiFix typos
2016-04-29 Piotr PadlewskiAdd credit [Test commit]
2015-06-29 Dan Gohman[WebAssembly] Initial WebAssembly backend
2014-08-25 Bruno Cardoso LopesRise from the dead and update personal info
2014-08-21 Eric Fiselieradd self to credits
2014-08-09 Roman KashitsynTest commit access
2014-05-29 Chad RosierUpdate Credits.
2014-05-28 Jim GrosbachUpdate CREDITS to be at least moderately more current.
2014-04-10 Louis GerbargTest commit.
2013-12-20 Alp TokerFix documentation typos
2013-11-17 Alp TokerUpdate CREDITS
2013-11-15 Chad RosierUpdate contact information.
2013-11-13 Sylvestre LedruFix typo + add URL
2013-09-27 Bill WendlingUpdate.
2013-08-16 Richard MittonTest commit.
2013-06-18 Bill WendlingIdentify me on IRC.
2013-05-09 Kai NackeTest commit.
2013-04-11 Sylvestre LedruAdd myself in the CREDITS.TXT
2013-04-10 Bill WendlingMove info to CREDITS.TXT file.
2013-03-18 Bill WendlingUpdate
2013-03-12 Bill WendlingReflect reality.
2013-03-01 Stefanus Du ToitFix my email address in CREDITS.TXT.
2012-11-29 Dan GohmanUpdate my email address.
2012-11-16 Craig TopperFinally add myself to the credits.
2012-11-16 Chandler CarruthUpdate credits file regarding SROA work... Also include...
2012-11-14 Nadav RotemUpdate my email address and update the code ownership
2012-10-08 Micah VillmowMove TargetData to DataLayout.
2012-09-11 Duncan SandsAdd IRC handle.
2012-09-07 Alex RosenbergAdd IRC handle entry to CREDITS.TXT as a test commit.
2012-09-07 Sandeep PatelCorrect an unfortunately necessary typo.
2012-06-19 Bill WendlingAlphabetize.
2012-06-19 Aaron BallmanUpdating the credits after r158717
2012-04-29 Kalle RaiskilaUpdate the documentation of CellSPU, in case it gets...
2012-04-17 Chandler CarruthUpdate woefully stale credits entry. Everything listed...
2012-04-16 Bill WendlingAdd credit and release notes for r150307. By Kai Nacke.
2012-04-14 Anshuman DasguptaAdd VLIW packetizer to ReleaseNotes.html and CREDITS...
2012-04-14 Brendon CahoonAdd the loop unrolling info to ReleaseNotes.html and...
2012-04-13 Tony LinthicumSupport for Hexagon backend.
2012-04-12 Anshuman DasguptaAdd DFA generator for VLIW targets to ReleaseNotes...
2012-03-12 Bill Wendlingsort by alpha.
2012-02-29 Hal FinkelAdd myself to the credits file
2012-02-16 Chad RosierUpdate credits.
2012-02-16 Bill WendlingAdd 'exception handling' to my description.
2011-10-29 NAKAMURA TakumiCREDITS.TXT: Add a line. (test commit)
2011-10-22 Nadav RotemFix a typo.w
2011-10-22 Jim GrosbachMinor updates.
2011-10-22 Nadav RotemAdded my name to CREDITS.TXT
2011-09-19 Jakob Stoklund OlesenClaimed.
2011-09-08 David BlaikieAdding myself to test my new commit powers.
2011-08-02 John McCallI am the code owner for Clang's IR generation; this...
2011-07-15 Francois PichetFor my ego.
2010-12-10 Michael J. SpencerAnother git svn dcommit test. This time let's hope...
2010-12-10 Michael J. SpencerAnother git-svn dcommit test. (last time I got access...
2010-12-10 Michael J. SpencerTest git svn dcommit
2010-12-10 Anton KorobeynikovAnother dummy commit to check GIT mirroring
2010-12-10 Anton KorobeynikovDummy commit to test GIT mirroring
2010-09-29 Duncan SandsConvert a bunch of uses of 'bytecode' into 'bitcode...
2010-08-29 Duncan SandsFlesh out the list of things I've worked on.
2010-08-28 NAKAMURA TakumiMinor change.
2010-08-28 NAKAMURA TakumiAdd me to the "blame list"!
2010-07-19 Jim Grosbachlong past time I added myself to this, I suppose.
2010-07-19 Bill WendlingAlphabetize.
2010-07-18 Michael J. SpencerTest commit
2010-02-23 Wesley PeckAdding the MicroBlaze backend.
2009-08-20 Benjamin KramerAdd myself to the blame list.
2009-08-19 Sandeep PatelTest commit access with a first act of vanity.
2009-08-18 Chris Lattneralphabeticalize
2009-08-18 Edward O'CallaghanLLVM Ada language bindings. Credit to Rod Kay and the...
2009-08-06 Jakob Stoklund OlesenVanity.
2009-07-15 Xerxes RanbyAdded myself to the blame list.
2009-07-15 Ryan Flynntest commit; add self
2009-07-08 David GoodwinConform...
2009-07-08 David GoodwinAdd myself to blame file...
2009-06-23 Bob WilsonAdd myself to the list.