Reland "[PDB] Defer relocating .debug$S until commit time and parallelize it"
[lldb.git] / llvm / bindings /
2020-12-16 Fangrui Song[Go] Fix bindings/go/llvm/IRBindings.cpp
2020-12-15 Fangrui Song[docs][unittest][Go][StackProtector] Migrate deprecated...
2020-11-26 Zhengyang LiuAdding PoisonValue for representing poison value explic...
2020-11-18 Nick DesaulniersRevert "[IR] add fn attr for no_stack_protector; preven...
2020-11-13 serge-sans-paillellvmbuildectomy - compatibility with ocaml bindings
2020-11-13 serge-sans-paillellvmbuildectomy - replace llvm-build by plain cmake
2020-10-23 Nick Desaulniers[IR] add fn attr for no_stack_protector; prevent inlini...
2020-09-26 Fangrui Song[bindings/go] Fix TestAttributes after D88241
2020-08-27 Arthur Eubanks[OCaml] Remove add_constant_propagation
2020-08-26 Arthur Eubanks[ConstProp] Remove ConstantPropagation
2020-08-02 Florian Hahn[Bindings] Remove ipc_propagation.
2020-08-02 Florian HahnRecommit "[IPConstProp] Remove and move tests to SCCP."
2020-07-30 Florian HahnRevert "[IPConstProp] Remove and move tests to SCCP."
2020-07-30 Florian Hahn[IPConstProp] Remove and move tests to SCCP.
2020-07-29 Arthur Eubanks[DFSan][NewPM] Port DataFlowSanitizer to NewPM
2020-05-15 Eric ChristopherFix go bindings after FixedVectorType -> VectorType...
2020-04-22 Benjamin KramerUpdate go bindings for 2dea3f129878e929e5d1f00b91a622eb...
2020-03-11 Adrian PrantlAdd an SDK attribute to DICompileUnit
2020-02-24 Ayke van Laethem[LLVM-C] Add bindings for addCoroutinePassesToExtension...
2020-02-24 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add RemoveFromParentAsInstruction
2020-02-24 Peter CollingbourneRevert "Rework go bindings so that validation works...
2020-02-13 serge-sans-pailleRework go bindings so that validation works fine
2020-01-17 Adrian PrantlPass length of string in Go binding of CreateCompileUnit
2020-01-17 Adrian PrantlMove the sysroot attribute from DIModule to DICompileUnit
2020-01-17 Adrian PrantlRevert "Rename DW_AT_LLVM_isysroot to DW_AT_LLVM_sysroot"
2020-01-17 Adrian PrantlRevert "Attempt to fix Go syntax error"
2020-01-17 Adrian PrantlAttempt to fix Go syntax error
2020-01-17 Adrian PrantlRename DW_AT_LLVM_isysroot to DW_AT_LLVM_sysroot
2020-01-06 James Henderson[NFC] Fix trivial typos in comments
2020-01-03 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add Subprogram method
2019-12-03 Kadir Cetinkaya[llvm][bindings][go] Fix typo
2019-12-03 Sourabh Singh TomarRecommit "[DWARF5]Addition of alignment atrribute in...
2019-11-22 Juneyoung Lee[Test] Fix freeze ocaml test failure
2019-11-20 Djordje Todorovic[DebugInfo] Remove the DIFlagArgumentNotModified debug...
2019-11-19 Kai LuoRevert "[Bindings][Go] Fix go.test failure due to missi...
2019-11-19 Kai Luo[Bindings][Go] Fix go.test failure due to missing argument
2019-10-25 David TentyUpdate version number in llvm python bindings
2019-10-14 Joerg SonnenbergerReapply r374743 with a fix for the ocaml binding
2019-10-14 Dmitri GribenkoRevert "Add a pass to lower is.constant and objectsize...
2019-10-13 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd a pass to lower is.constant and objectsize intrinsics
2019-10-01 Dmitri GribenkoRevert "[OCaml] Handle nullptr in Llvm.global_initializer"
2019-10-01 Aditya Kumar[OCaml] Handle nullptr in Llvm.global_initializer
2019-09-29 Aditya Kumar[LLVM-C][Ocaml] Add MergeFunctions and DCE pass
2019-09-18 Adrian PrantlRemove the obsolete BlockByRefStruct flag from LLVM IR
2019-08-15 Benjamin KramerBump llvm-go to C++14
2019-06-26 Djordje Todorovic[IR/DIVar] Add the flag for params that have unmodified...
2019-06-24 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add debug information accessors
2019-06-12 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go][NFC] Format code with go fmt
2019-06-09 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add wrappers for atomic operations.
2019-06-08 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add bindings to LLVMGet?CmpPredicate
2019-06-08 Ayke van LaethemRevert "[bindings/go] Add Go bindings for CalledValue"
2019-06-08 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add Go bindings for CalledValue
2019-06-08 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add Go bindings for CalledValue
2019-06-08 Ayke van Laethem[bindings/go] Add EraseFromParent
2019-06-08 Ayke van Laethem[NFC] Test commit
2019-05-31 Richard TrieuFix bad go bindings test.
2019-04-16 whitequark[OCaml] Update api to account for FNeg and CallBr instr...
2019-04-10 Robert Widmann[LLVM-C] Correct The Current Debug Location Accessors...
2019-02-16 whitequark[bindings/go] Fix building on 32-bit systems (ARM etc.)
2019-02-13 Leonard Chan[NewPM] Second attempt at porting ASan
2019-02-05 Hans WennborgFix format string in bindings/go/llvm/ir_test.go (PR40561)
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate the file headers across all of the LLVM projects...
2019-01-16 Philip Pfaffe[NewPM][TSan] Reiterate the TSan port
2019-01-10 Jorge Gorbe MoyaRevert "Fix go bindings for r350647: missed a function...
2019-01-08 Jorge Gorbe MoyaFix go bindings for r350647: missed a function rename
2019-01-03 Serge GueltonPython compat - iterator protocol
2019-01-03 Serge GueltonPython compat - test if type is integral
2019-01-03 Serge GueltonPython compat - assertRaisesRegex
2019-01-03 Serge GueltonPython compat - print statement
2019-01-03 Philip Pfaffe[NewPM] Port Msan
2018-11-08 whitequark[bindings/go] Add Go bindings to LLVMGetIndices
2018-11-08 whitequark[OCaml] Fix incorrect use of CAMLlocal in nested blocks
2018-10-18 Chandler Carruth[TI removal] Remove TerminatorInst references from...
2018-09-28 whitequark[bindings/go] Add Go bindings to the Token type
2018-09-28 whitequark[bindings/go] Add Go bindings for inline assembly
2018-09-28 whitequarkRevert "[LLVM-C] Add bindings for addCoroutinePassesToE...
2018-09-28 whitequark[LLVM-C] Add bindings for addCoroutinePassesToExtension...
2018-09-18 whitequark[LLVM-C][OCaml] Add UnifyFunctionExitNodes pass to...
2018-09-18 whitequark[LLVM-C][OCaml] Add LowerAtomic pass to C and OCaml...
2018-09-18 whitequark[OCaml] Add OCaml API for LLVMGetIndices
2018-09-18 whitequark[OCaml] Add OCaml API for LLVMIsCleanup
2018-09-18 whitequark[NFC][OCaml] Fix copy paste error in file header
2018-09-18 whitequark[NFC][OCaml] Fix implicit declaration compilation warnings
2018-09-18 whitequark[LLVM-C][OCaml] Add C and OCaml APIs for llvm::StructTy...
2018-09-18 whitequark[OCaml] Add OCaml APIs for Invoke arguments and destina...
2018-09-18 whitequark[OCaml] Add GlobalIFunc value kind to OCaml API
2018-09-18 whitequark[OCaml] Add Token type to kind enum in OCaml API
2018-09-18 whitequark[OCaml] Add missing instruction opcodes to OCaml API
2018-09-13 Peter Collingbourne[bindings/go] Add DebugLoc parameter to InsertXXXAtEnd()
2018-09-07 Kristina Brooks[Bindings][Go] Fixed go.test failure due to C-API argum...
2018-08-22 David Green[AArch64] Add Tiny Code Model for AArch64
2018-08-19 whitequark[bindings/go] Add coroutine passes
2018-08-19 whitequark[C-API][DIBuilder] Added DIFlags in LLVMDIBuilderCreate...
2018-05-28 Fangrui Song[LLVM-C] [OCaml] Remove LLVMAddBBVectorizePass
2018-05-10 Robert Widmann[LLVM-C] Consolidate llgo's DIBuilder Bindings
2018-05-10 Robert Widmann[LLVM-C] Move DIBuilder Bindings For Temporary MDNodes
2018-05-09 Robert Widmann[LLVM-C] Correct types in Go bindings
2018-05-04 David Bolvansky[bindings/go] Add Go bindings for volatile loads/stores
2018-04-30 Nico WeberIWYU for llvm-config.h in llvm, additions.
2018-04-30 Benjamin Kramer[bindings] Fix dibuilder go bindings after r331114.