[SPARC] Fix 8 and 16-bit atomic load and store.
[lldb.git] / llvm / test / CodeGen / SPARC / atomics.ll
2016-05-23 James Y Knight[SPARC] Fix 8 and 16-bit atomic load and store.
2015-02-27 David Blaikie[opaque pointer type] Add textual IR support for explic...
2014-06-13 Tim NorthoverIR: add "cmpxchg weak" variant to support permitted...
2014-05-16 Tim NorthoverTableGen: fix operand counting for aliases
2014-03-11 Tim NorthoverIR: add a second ordering operand to cmpxhg for failure
2014-01-30 Jakob Stoklund OlesenImplement SPARCv9 atomic_swap_64 with a pseudo.
2014-01-26 Jakob Stoklund OlesenFix swapped CASA operands.
2014-01-24 Jakob Stoklund OlesenImplement atomicrmw operations in 32 and 64 bits for...
2014-01-01 Venkatraman Govind... [Sparc] Handle atomic loads/stores in sparc backend.