[ValueObjectSynthetic and ValueObjectDynamicValue] Override GetDeclaration
[lldb.git] / openmp / CREDITS.txt
2015-04-29 Andrey ChurbanovThis patch contains the new files for OMPT and the...
2014-10-07 Jim CownieI apologise in advance for the size of this check-in...
2014-08-07 Jim CownieCommit PowerPC64 support from Carlo Bertolli at IBM.
2014-05-10 Jim CownieAdd testsuite from OpenUH
2014-03-04 Tanya LattnerRevert commit (testing commit hook).
2014-03-04 Tanya LattnerTesting commit hook.
2013-12-23 Jim CownieFor your Christmas hacking pleasure.
2013-09-27 Jim CownieFirst attempt to import OpenMP runtime