Revert "[NFCI][IR] ConstantRangeTest: add basic scaffolding for next-gen precision...
[lldb.git] / openmp / runtime / cmake /
2020-09-07 Raul Tambre[CMake][OpenMP] Remove old dead CMake code
2020-08-04 AndreyChurbanov[OpenMP] Don't use MSVC workaround with MinGW
2020-07-24 David Truby[openmp] Don't copy exports into the source folder...
2020-07-22 Louis Dionne[CMake] Bump CMake minimum version to 3.13.4
2020-04-04 Kazuaki Ishizaki[OpenMP] NFC: Fix trivial typo
2020-02-25 Kelvin Li[OpenMP][cmake] ignore warning on unknown CUDA version
2020-01-07 Kazuaki Ishizaki[OpenMP] NFC: Fix trivial typos in comments
2019-11-18 Aaron Puchert[OpenMP] Remove -Wl,-fini=__kmp_internal_end_fini
2019-10-08 Andrey ChurbanovDon't link libm with -Wl,--as-needed on FreeBSD
2019-09-04 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Change initialization of __kmp_global
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Enable warning about "implicit fallthrough"
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Remove 'unnecessary parentheses'
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Resolve warnings because of ints in if conditions
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Turn on -Wall compiler warnings by default
2019-07-30 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Rename last file to cpp and remove LIBOMP_CFLAGS
2019-07-25 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] RISCV64 port
2019-07-12 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Remove OMP spec versioning
2019-04-03 Dimitry AndricEnsure correct pthread flags and libraries are used
2019-02-11 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Remove accidental commit to config-ix.cmake...
2019-02-11 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Fix thread_limits to work properly for teams...
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate more file headers across all of the LLVM project...
2019-01-15 Joachim Protze[OMPT] Second chunk of final OMPT 5.0 interface updates
2018-12-10 Andrey ChurbanovSupport clang compiling under windows-gnu and windows...
2018-12-09 Kamil RytarowskiAdd DragonFlyBSD support to OpenMP
2018-08-09 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Cleanup code
2018-07-30 Jonas Hahnfeld[CMake] Disable -Wstringop-overflow
2018-01-02 Joachim Protze[OMPT] Build runtime with OMPT support by default
2017-11-29 Jonas Hahnfeld[CMake] Refactor common settings and flags
2017-11-11 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Provide initialization for Mac OS X
2017-11-10 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Purge OMPT_BLAME and OMPT_TRACE
2017-03-06 Jonathan PeytonOpenMP version 5.0 added
2016-12-14 Jonathan PeytonChange source files from .c to .cpp
2016-12-08 Sylvestre LedruSupport of mips & mips64 for openmprtl
2016-11-14 Jonathan PeytonIntroduce dynamic affinity dispatch capabilities
2016-11-07 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Enable ThreadSanitizer to check OpenMP programs
2016-09-30 Paul Osmialowski[cmake] Fix for a bug
2016-06-28 Jonathan PeytonRevert r273898's UNICODE quick fix in favor of CMake...
2016-06-27 Hans WennborgFix the Windows build after r273599
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonTeach OpenMP Library to use Hwloc on Windows
2016-06-14 Jonathan PeytonRenaming change: 41 -> 45 and 4.1 -> 4.5
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in CMake files
2016-03-28 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Missing check for MIC in config-ix.cmake
2016-01-26 Jonathan PeytonBypass Perl modules in build system
2015-12-18 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Have CMake do real check for stats functionality
2015-12-17 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Add to lib dependencies for stats library
2015-11-30 Jonathan PeytonAdding Hwloc library option for affinity mechanism
2015-10-29 Jonathan Peyton[OMPT] Windows Support for OMPT
2015-09-21 Joerg SonnenbergerComplex division requires libm on NetBSD, add it.
2015-09-21 Joerg Sonnenbergerlibomp on NetBSD needs libc, libpthread and libm.
2015-08-28 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] [CMake] Removing in favor of...
2015-08-06 Jonathan PeytonFix link error on Windows when LIBOMP_USE_DEBUGGER...
2015-07-24 Hans WennborgLibompMicroTests.cmake: Invoke 'test' instead of using...
2015-07-23 Jonathan Peyton[CMake] Fix libomp_check_linker_flag function
2015-07-18 Chandler Carruth[cmake] Support enabling -Werror in the OpenMP runtime...
2015-07-15 Jonathan PeytonRe-indent the CMake refactor to two-space indention
2015-07-15 Jonathan PeytonLarge Refactor of CMake build system
2015-07-09 Jonathan PeytonEnable debugger support
2015-06-11 Jonathan PeytonRemove unused variables '__kmp_build_check_*' for non...
2015-06-11 Jonathan PeytonImplement recursive CMake.
2015-06-01 Jonathan PeytonApply name change to CMake build system.
2015-05-26 Jonathan PeytonChange macro GUIDEDLL_EXPORTS to KMP_DYNAMIC_LIB
2015-05-25 Andrey Churbanovfixed missed arch renaming (from C.Bergstrom)
2015-05-22 Jonathan PeytonFix spelling errors
2015-05-20 Jonathan PeytonChange CMake variable prefix to LIBOMP
2015-05-14 Andrey ChurbanovCross compiler build fix [Important] - from J.Peyton...
2015-05-07 Andrey ChurbanovD9306 omp 4.1 async offload support (partial): build...
2015-05-05 Andrey ChurbanovIntegrate libiomp CMake into LLVM CMake build system.
2015-04-29 Andrey ChurbanovThis patch contains the new files for OMPT and the...
2015-03-05 Andrey Churbanovmoved Windows-specific flags under the WINDOWS guard...
2015-03-05 Andrey Churbanovadded KMP_NESTED_HOT_TEAMS macro definition
2015-01-19 Andrey Churbanovadded support for PPC architectures (version 3): initia...
2015-01-16 Andrey Churbanovcleanup changes of cmake-building for Intel(R) Many...
2015-01-13 Andrey Churbanovaarch64 port sent by C. Bergstrom
2015-01-13 Andrey ChurbanovReturn the architecture by probing predefined compiler...
2014-10-07 Jim CownieI apologise in advance for the size of this check-in...
2014-08-07 Jim CownieCommit PowerPC64 support from Carlo Bertolli at IBM.
2014-08-05 Jim CownieAfter three iterations of community review, we believe...