[Driver][Darwin] Improve tests for -nostdinc & friends
[lldb.git] / openmp / runtime /
2020-02-04 protze@itc.rwth... [OpenMP][OMPT] fix reduction test for 32-bit x86
2020-01-23 Kelvin Li[OpenMP] change omp_atk_* and omp_atv_* enumerators...
2020-01-20 David Carlier[OpenMP] affinity little fix for FreeBSD
2020-01-07 Kazuaki Ishizaki[OpenMP] NFC: Fix trivial typos in comments
2020-01-06 Kelvin Li[OpenMP] Fix incorrect property of __has_attribute...
2020-01-04 Kelvin Li[OpenMP] NFC: Fix trivial typos in comments
2019-12-27 protze@itc.rwth... [OpenMP] Implementation of OMPT reduction callbacks
2019-12-06 David Carlier[OpenMP] Fix linkage issue on FreeBSD
2019-11-27 AndreyChurbanov[openmp] Fixed nonmonotonic schedule when #threads...
2019-11-26 AndreyChurbanov[openmp] Recognise ARMv7ve machine arch.
2019-11-19 AndreyChurbanovFix openmp on PowerPC64-BE-ELFv2 ABI on FreeBSD.
2019-11-18 Aaron Puchert[OpenMP] Remove -Wl,-fini=__kmp_internal_end_fini
2019-11-18 protze@itc.rwth... [OpenMP] Add implementation and tests of Archer tool
2019-11-16 Sylvestre LedruRemove +x permission on some files
2019-11-07 Michał Górny[openmp] [test] Skip one more test that kills NetBSD...
2019-10-30 David Carlier[OpenMP] Reset affinity mask in the process child on...
2019-10-30 AndreyChurbanovEnable OpenBSD support.
2019-10-25 AndreyChurbanovOpenMP Tasks dependencies hash re-sizing fixed.
2019-10-08 David Carlier[OpenMP] Enable thread affinity on FreeBSD
2019-10-08 Andrey ChurbanovDon't assume Type from `readelf -d` has parentheses
2019-10-08 Andrey ChurbanovDon't link libm with -Wl,--as-needed on FreeBSD
2019-09-28 David Carlier[OpenMP] FreeBSD address check if mapped more native
2019-09-25 Andrey Churbanovfixed test: eliminated race condition which might cause...
2019-09-25 Andrey ChurbanovEnable tasks dependencies hashmaps resizing.
2019-09-04 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Change initialization of __kmp_global
2019-08-20 Jonathan PeytonForce honoring nthreads-var and thread-limit-var inside...
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Enable warning about "implicit fallthrough"
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Remove 'unnecessary parentheses'
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Resolve warnings because of ints in if conditions
2019-08-15 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Turn on -Wall compiler warnings by default
2019-08-12 Andrey ChurbanovCleanup unused variable.
2019-08-05 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Add support for GOMP_*_nonmonotonic_* functions
2019-08-05 Hansang Bae[OpenMP] Fix broken build due to new OMPT tests
2019-08-03 Hansang BaeAdd OMPT support for teams construct
2019-07-30 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Rename last file to cpp and remove LIBOMP_CFLAGS
2019-07-25 Yi Kong[openmp] Workaround bug in old Android pthread_attr_set...
2019-07-25 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Fix build of stubs library, NFC.
2019-07-25 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] RISCV64 port
2019-07-22 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Cleanup reset of exit_frame pointer
2019-07-22 Jonas HahnfeldDelete empty file
2019-07-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove REQUIRES OMP spec version within lit tests
2019-07-16 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Move header inclusion out of 'extern "C"'
2019-07-12 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Remove OMP spec versioning
2019-07-10 Andrey ChurbanovNFC: fixed typo #ifdef --> #if to allow macro set to...
2019-07-02 Andrey ChurbanovCreate a runtime option to disable task throttling.
2019-07-02 Andrey ChurbanovCleanup of unused code
2019-06-26 Andrey ChurbanovFixed memory use-after-free problem.
2019-06-19 Andrey ChurbanovNew implementation of OpenMP 5.0 detached tasks.
2019-06-14 Gheorghe-Teodor... [OpenMP] Add task alloc function
2019-06-05 Andrey ChurbanovAdded propagation of not big initial stack size of...
2019-06-03 Andrey ChurbanovFixed build warning with -DLIBOMP_USE_HWLOC=1
2019-05-30 Hansang BaeFix OMP_TARGET_OFFLOAD parsing
2019-05-30 Hansang BaeAdd checks before pointer dereferencing
2019-05-28 Michal Gorny[openmp] [test] Skip kernel-breaking tests on NetBSD
2019-05-22 Andrey ChurbanovFixed third issue reported in https://bugs.llvm.org...
2019-05-21 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Add implementation to two OMPT API routines
2019-05-20 Joachim Protze[OpenMP][OMPT] Fix locking testcases for 32 bit archite...
2019-05-20 Joachim Protze[OMPT] Handling of the events of initial-task-begin...
2019-05-16 Andrey ChurbanovFixed second issue reported in https://bugs.llvm.org...
2019-05-16 Paul OsmialowskiFix hwloc topology traversal code unable to handle...
2019-05-15 Andrey ChurbanovFixed https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41584.
2019-05-15 Andrey ChurbanovIntroduce new OpenMP 5.0 depend object type.
2019-05-14 Eli Friedman[OpenMP][AArch64] Fix compile with LLVM trunk.
2019-05-13 Andrey Churbanovfixed typo made by commit r360595
2019-05-13 Andrey ChurbanovFixed creation of aliases in Windows build.
2019-05-08 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Workaround gfortran bugzilla build bug 41755
2019-05-06 Dimitry AndricAdd non-SSE wrapper for __kmp_{load,store}_mxcsr
2019-05-01 Dimitry AndricEnable OpenMP build for 32-bit FreeBSD
2019-05-01 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Implement task modifier for reduction clause
2019-04-30 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Add OpenMP 5.0 nonmonotonic code
2019-04-30 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Eliminate some compiler warnings
2019-04-22 Dimitry AndricUse correct way to test for MIPS arch after rOMP355687
2019-04-17 Andrey ChurbanovFixed memory leak reported in Bugzilla:
2019-04-15 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Exchange code in asm file for inline assembly
2019-04-11 Andrey ChurbanovFixed possible out of bound array access.
2019-04-08 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Implement 5.0 memory management
2019-04-08 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Clean up load balancing dynamic mode
2019-04-04 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Fix hang on Windows
2019-04-03 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP][Stats] Fix stats gathering for distribute...
2019-04-03 Dimitry AndricEnsure correct pthread flags and libraries are used
2019-03-25 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Add LLVM license header to file
2019-03-25 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Add Intel 19.0 to list of compilers in kmp_ver...
2019-03-25 Dimitry AndricFix interoperability test compilation on FreeBSD
2019-03-25 Dimitry AndricFix gettid warnings on FreeBSD
2019-03-25 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Fix pause check with version info
2019-03-15 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Fix OMPT cancellation test for GOMP
2019-03-15 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Add missing parenthesis in Perl module
2019-03-15 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Remove deprecated taskq
2019-03-08 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP][stats] Update stats gathering macros
2019-03-08 Petar Jovanovic[mips] Use libatomic instead of GCC intrinsics for...
2019-03-01 Stefan Pintilie[OPENMP] Deal with additional store inserted by Clang...
2019-02-28 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP][OMPT] Distinguish different barrier kinds
2019-02-28 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP 5.0] Deprecate nest-var and associated features
2019-02-28 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Make use of sched_yield optional in runtime
2019-02-21 Jonas Hahnfeld[OpenMP] Fix check-openmp after r354553
2019-02-21 Joachim Protze[OpenMP][OMPT] Fix locking testcases for 32 bit archite...
2019-02-19 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Remove XFAIL for cancellation tests using gcc
2019-02-19 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP 5.0] Add omp_get_supported_active_levels()
2019-02-19 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Adding GOMP compatible cancellation
2019-02-11 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP] Remove accidental commit to config-ix.cmake...