[SPARC] Fix 8 and 16-bit atomic load and store.
[lldb.git] / openmp / runtime /
2016-05-23 Jonathan PeytonFork performance improvements
2016-05-23 Jonathan PeytonAllow unit testing on Windows
2016-05-23 Jonathan PeytonChanged parameter names in Fortran modules to correspon...
2016-05-20 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in src/ directory
2016-05-18 Jonathan PeytonRemove unnecessary unistd.h header from tests.
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in files in doc/ directory
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace from tests
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in files in tools/ directory
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in CMake files
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in READMEs, CREDITS.txt...
2016-05-17 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP Testing] Have lit.py be a valid lit executable
2016-05-16 Paul OsmialowskiClean all the mess around KMP_USE_FUTEX and kmp_lock.h
2016-05-13 Paul OsmialowskiNFC fix indent (relates to my previous commit)
2016-05-13 Paul OsmialowskiSolve 'Too many args to microtask' problem
2016-05-12 Jonathan PeytonAdding new kmp_aligned_malloc() entry point
2016-05-12 Jonathan PeytonFix team reuse with foreign threads
2016-05-12 Paul OsmialowskiNew hwloc API compatibility
2016-05-12 Hal FinkelRestore NULL flag check in __kmp_null_resume_wrapper
2016-05-07 Paul OsmialowskiFine tuning of TC* macros
2016-05-05 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Use partitioned timer scheme
2016-05-03 Paul OsmialowskiNFC remove unneded spaces (test commit)
2016-04-25 Jonathan PeytonRemove architecture dependent Hwloc DEBUG section
2016-04-25 Jonathan PeytonFix buffer problem with printing long Hwloc affinity...
2016-04-19 Jonathan Peyton[ITTNOTIFY] Remove serialized parallel regions from...
2016-04-18 Jonathan PeytonFix trip count calculation for parallel loops in runtime
2016-04-18 Jonathan PeytonRuntime support for untied tasks
2016-04-18 Jonathan PeytonFix for pthread_setspecific (TLS and shutdown) problem
2016-04-18 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Remove timePair class and unused functions
2016-04-18 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] print Total_* stats on their own line
2016-04-14 Jonathan Peyton[ITTNOTIFY] Correct barrier imbalance time in case...
2016-04-14 Jonathan PeytonExponential back off logic for test-and-set lock
2016-04-12 Jonathan PeytonAdd declarations of OpenMP 4.5 target/offload routines...
2016-04-05 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Remove trailing whitespace in stats source...
2016-04-04 Jonathan PeytonOMP_WAIT_POLICY changes
2016-03-30 Jonathan PeytonFix bug when KMP_USE_ADAPTIVE_LOCKS is 0
2016-03-29 Jonathan PeytonFix comment in kmp_wait_release.h
2016-03-29 Jonathan PeytonFix incorrect indention in kmp_alloc.c
2016-03-29 Jonathan PeytonRemove dead KMP_USE_POOLED_ALLOC code
2016-03-28 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Missing check for MIC in config-ix.cmake
2016-03-27 Hal FinkelFixing the non-x86 build by removing dependence on...
2016-03-24 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Fix parallel_id and task_id in loop_end with...
2016-03-24 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Test ids reported by ompt_get_{parallel,task}_id
2016-03-24 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Fix duplicate implicit_task_end events for maste...
2016-03-23 Jonathan PeytonFix Visual Studio builds
2016-03-22 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Make tests require OMPT_BLAME
2016-03-22 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Create infrastructure and add first tests for...
2016-03-21 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Add OMP_critical and OMP_critical_wait timers
2016-03-21 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] separate noTotal bit flag from onlyInMaster...
2016-03-21 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Fix wrong parent_task_id in serialized parallel_...
2016-03-16 Jonathan Peyton[CMake] Fix Windows build problem for CMake versions...
2016-03-15 Jonathan PeytonFix spelling error in comment
2016-03-15 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Print "Unknown" for frequency if it wasn't...
2016-03-15 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Fix comments in kmp_stats.h
2016-03-15 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Add header information to stats print out
2016-03-12 Samuel AntaoInitialize two variables in kmp_tasking.
2016-03-11 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] change TASK_execution name to OMP_task
2016-03-11 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Add a total statistics count
2016-03-03 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] fix output formatting when sample count is 0
2016-03-03 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] fix master and single timers
2016-03-02 Jonathan PeytonAdd new OpenMP 4.5 taskloop construct feature
2016-03-02 Jonathan PeytonForgot to add test files for doacross and task priority.
2016-03-02 Jonathan PeytonAdd new OpenMP 4.5 doacross loop nest feature
2016-02-25 Jonathan PeytonAdd new OpenMP 4.5 affinity API
2016-02-25 Jonathan PeytonAdd initial support for OpenMP 4.5 task priority feature
2016-02-25 Jonathan Peytondd new OpenMP 4.5 schedule clause modifiers (monotonic...
2016-02-18 Jonathan PeytonRemove unnecessary semicolons after braces
2016-02-12 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Frame information for openmp taskwait
2016-02-11 Jonathan PeytonFix incorrect task_team in __kmp_give_task
2016-02-11 Jonathan PeytonFix a couple of typos in comments
2016-02-09 Jonathan PeytonProxy task fix: task_state stack push condition on...
2016-02-09 Jonathan PeytonHave Mac builds use @rpath when supported in CMake
2016-02-09 Jonas Hahnfeld[GCC] GOMP_task: Change argument type of if_cond from...
2016-02-05 Jonas Hahnfeld[CMake] Introduce OPENMP_LLVM_TOOLS_DIR
2016-02-04 Jonathan PeytonAdd LIBOMP_ENABLE_SHARED option for CMake
2016-01-28 Jonathan PeytonFix task dependency performance problem
2016-01-28 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Add support for ompt_event_task_dependences...
2016-01-28 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Avoid SEGV when a worker thread needs its parall...
2016-01-28 Jonas Hahnfeld[OMPT] Workaround clang failing with 'declare target'
2016-01-27 Jonathan PeytonRestore th_current_task first as suggested by John...
2016-01-27 Jonathan PeytonFormatting fixes
2016-01-27 Jonathan PeytonFixing comments.
2016-01-27 Jonathan PeytonRemoving extra empty lines
2016-01-27 Jonas HahnfeldChange whitespace to test commit access
2016-01-26 Jonathan Peyton[OMPT]: Fix the order of implicit_task_end_events
2016-01-26 Jonathan PeytonBypass Perl modules in build system
2016-01-26 Ismail DonmezFix compilations with msvc's /Zc:strictStrings
2016-01-25 Andrey Churbanovomp_barrier.c test fixed in order to reliably and faste...
2016-01-22 Jonathan PeytonAdd missing cleanup code for cached indirect lock pool.
2016-01-19 Hans Wennborglit.cfg: Pass -isysroot to the SDK on Darwin
2016-01-14 Hans WennborgDon't use __DATE__ or __TIME__; it breaks release build...
2016-01-12 Jonathan PeytonNew API for restoring current thread's affinity to...
2016-01-11 Jonathan PeytonRemove double negative in if() logic.
2016-01-11 Jonathan PeytonPut function names on their own line.
2016-01-04 Jonathan PeytonRemoved unused __kmp_*_i8 functions.
2016-01-04 Jonathan PeytonFix for barrier problem: applications with many paralle...
2015-12-27 Andrey Churbanovtest omp_threadprivate_for.c fixed
2015-12-23 Jonathan PeytonFix build error: OMPT_SUPPORT=true was not tested after...
2015-12-18 Jonathan PeytonPrevent monitor thread creation when KMP_BLOCKTIME...
2015-12-18 Jonathan PeytonRemove some extra spaces
2015-12-18 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Have CMake do real check for stats functionality