[libc] Take 2: Add linux implementations of thrd_create and thrd_join functions.
[lldb.git] / openmp / tools /
2020-03-06 Jonas Hahnfeldarcher: Remove superfluous dot from warning message
2020-02-11 Johannes Doerfert[OpenMP] Switch default C++ standard to C++ 14
2020-01-23 Michał Górny[openmp] Disable archer if LIBOMP_OMPT_SUPPORT is off
2020-01-16 Joachim Protze[OpenMP][Tool] Fix memory leak and double-allocation
2020-01-14 Joachim Protze[OpenMP][Tool] Runtime warning for missing TSan-option
2020-01-14 Joachim Protze[OpenMP][Tool] Improving stack trace for Archer
2020-01-14 Joachim Protze[OpenMP][Tool] Make tests for archer dependent on TSan
2020-01-07 Kazuaki Ishizaki[OpenMP] NFC: Fix trivial typos in comments
2019-11-22 protze@itc.rwth... [OpenMP][Tool] archer tests require tsan
2019-11-22 protze@itc.rwth... [OpenMP][Tool] disable archer tests in standalone build
2019-11-22 protze@itc.rwth... [OpenMP][Tool] Fix cmake variable in lit.site.cfg.in
2019-11-18 protze@itc.rwth... [OpenMP] Add implementation and tests of Archer tool