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[lldb.git] / openmp /
2014-06-02 Alp TokerCMake: remove duplicated source file from list
2014-06-01 Alp TokerFix typos
2014-06-01 Alp TokerAdd initial CMake build system
2014-05-10 Jim CownieAdd testsuite from OpenUH
2014-04-09 Jim CownieAdd the offload directory which contains the code neede...
2014-03-04 Tanya LattnerRevert commit (testing commit hook).
2014-03-04 Tanya LattnerTesting commit hook.
2014-03-02 Alp TokerMake affinity support conditional on KMP_AFFINITY_SUPPORTED
2014-02-28 Alp TokerAdd support for FreeBSD
2014-02-25 Alp TokerRestore string match behavior following changes in...
2014-02-25 Alp TokerSilence -Wdeprecated-register warnings with clang
2014-02-24 Alp TokerFix linking and get the build working on OS X
2014-02-24 Alp TokerFix clang compiler detection on OS X
2014-02-24 Alp Tokerclang build fix: don't check for gnu tools by default
2014-02-24 Alp TokerFix typos
2013-12-23 Jim CownieFor your Christmas hacking pleasure.
2013-10-03 Jim CownieUpdate web pages to include style sheets and referenced...
2013-10-03 Andrey Churbanovtypo fixed as a test commit
2013-09-27 Jim CownieFirst attempt to import OpenMP runtime