[EarlyCSE] Teach about CSE'ing over invariant.start intrinsics
[lldb.git] / openmp /
2016-08-08 Dimitry AndricFix linking of omp_foreign_thread_team_reuse test on...
2016-08-08 Jonas Hahnfeldkmp_gsupport: Fix library initialization with taskgroup
2016-08-08 Jonas HahnfeldMark tests with task dependencies as unsupported with GCC
2016-08-08 Jonas HahnfeldDo not block on explicit task depending on proxy task
2016-08-08 Jonas Hahnfeld__kmp_free_task: Fix for serial explicit tasks producin...
2016-08-05 Andrey ChurbanovFixed x2APIC discovery for 256-processor architectures.
2016-08-04 Jonas HahnfeldAdd test case for nested creation of tasks
2016-08-04 Jonas Hahnfeldkmp_taskdeps.cpp: Fix debugging output
2016-08-03 Pirama Arumuga NainarDisable KMP_CANCEL_THREADS on Android
2016-07-29 Paul OsmialowskiMake balanced affinity work on AArch64.
2016-07-22 Samuel AntaoReplace enum types in variadic functions by build-in...
2016-07-11 Andrey Churbanovreviews.llvm.org/D22134: Implementation of OpenMP 4...
2016-07-08 Jonathan PeytonImproving EPCC performance when linking with hwloc
2016-07-08 Andrey ChurbanovD22138: Added more Intel compiler versions as allowed...
2016-07-08 Andrey ChurbanovD22137: Memory leak fixed by adding missed cleanup...
2016-07-08 Andrey ChurbanovD22136: Memory leaks fixed by adding missed __kmp_free...
2016-07-08 Andrey ChurbanovD22135: formatting change
2016-07-06 Jonathan PeytonFix the nowait tests for omp for and omp single
2016-07-04 Jonas Hahnfeld__kmp_partition_places: Update assertion for new parame...
2016-07-01 Jonathan PeytonFix checks on schedule struct
2016-07-01 Jonathan PeytonImprove performance of #pragma omp single
2016-06-29 Jonathan PeytonFix omp_sections_nowait.c test to address Bugzilla...
2016-06-28 Jonathan PeytonFix bugs in TAS and futex lock
2016-06-28 Jonathan PeytonRevert r273898's UNICODE quick fix in favor of CMake...
2016-06-27 Hans WennborgFix the Windows build after r273599
2016-06-23 Jonathan PeytonRemove redundant %libomp-compile step from test/lock...
2016-06-22 Jonathan PeytonFix bug in futex fast path inside kmp_csupport.c
2016-06-22 Jonathan PeytonApply the KMP_USE_FUTEX feature macro everywhere
2016-06-21 Jonathan PeytonAdd debug trace messages for taskloop
2016-06-21 Jonathan PeytonBug fix for hang when tasks used in nested parallel
2016-06-21 Jonathan PeytonPerformance improvement: accessing thread struct as...
2016-06-21 Jonathan PeytonAddition of debugger comments and whitespace
2016-06-21 Jonathan PeytonImprovements to process affinity mask setting
2016-06-21 Jonathan PeytonBug fix for segfault in stubs library
2016-06-21 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Adding process id to output filename
2016-06-21 Jonathan PeytonFix typos in Fortran headers
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonChange hwloc discovery algorithm to print topology...
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonTeach OpenMP Library to use Hwloc on Windows
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonFix for crash in task dependencies
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonFixed missing memory cleanup in __kmp_affinity_create_h...
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonReduce perf impact of redundant ittnotify calls
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonDeprecate KMP_PLACE_THREADS and rename as KMP_HW_SUBSET
2016-06-16 Jonathan PeytonBug fix: crash if teams executed on host
2016-06-14 Jonathan PeytonFix large overhead with itt notifications on region...
2016-06-14 Jonathan PeytonRemove unused wait/release code.
2016-06-14 Jonathan PeytonWhitespace cleanup of dllexports
2016-06-14 Jonathan PeytonRenaming change: 41 -> 45 and 4.1 -> 4.5
2016-06-13 Jonathan PeytonBug fix for Bugzilla bug 26602: Remove function bodies...
2016-06-13 Jonathan PeytonAffinity mask processing improvements
2016-06-13 Jonathan PeytonExclude untied tasks from task stealing constraint
2016-06-13 Jonathan PeytonFix crash when libomp loaded/unloaded multiple times
2016-06-13 Jonathan PeytonHwloc refactoring patch
2016-06-13 Jonathan PeytonFix bitmask complement operation
2016-06-13 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Add stats gathering for taskloop construct
2016-06-09 Jonathan PeytonFix spelling in comment
2016-06-09 Jonathan PeytonRevert accidental commit to lit.cfg
2016-06-09 Jonathan PeytonRefactor __kmp_execute_tasks_template function
2016-06-09 Hans Wennborgkmp_lock.h: Fix VS2013 build after r271324
2016-06-01 Paul OsmialowskiFine tuning of TC* macros - small followup
2016-05-31 Paul OsmialowskiUse C++11 atomics for ticket locks implementation
2016-05-31 Jonathan PeytonAddition of OpenMP 4.5 feature: schedule(simd:static)
2016-05-31 Jonathan PeytonAvoid deadlock with COI
2016-05-31 Jonathan PeytonOffer API for setting number of loop dispatch buffers
2016-05-27 Hal FinkelFix storing the frame pointer for OMP-T during ppc64...
2016-05-27 Jonathan PeytonAdd missing OpenMP 4.5 device entries to stubs library.
2016-05-26 Jonathan PeytonFix for OMP_PROC_BIND=spread strategy
2016-05-26 Jonathan PeytonMake LIBOMP_USE_ITT_NOTIFY a setting that can be enable...
2016-05-26 Hal FinkelAdd a test case for microtask dispatch with many arguments
2016-05-26 Hal FinkelAdd an assembly __kmp_invoke_microtask for ppc64[le]
2016-05-25 Andrey ChurbanovD20525: Use more general function for getting gtid...
2016-05-23 Jonathan PeytonFork performance improvements
2016-05-23 Jonathan PeytonAllow unit testing on Windows
2016-05-23 Jonathan PeytonChanged parameter names in Fortran modules to correspon...
2016-05-20 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in src/ directory
2016-05-18 Jonathan PeytonRemove unnecessary unistd.h header from tests.
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in files in doc/ directory
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace from tests
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in files in tools/ directory
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in CMake files
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonRemove trailing whitespace in READMEs, CREDITS.txt...
2016-05-17 Jonathan PeytonUpdate copyright year in LICENSE.txt
2016-05-17 Jonathan Peyton[OpenMP Testing] Have lit.py be a valid lit executable
2016-05-16 Paul OsmialowskiClean all the mess around KMP_USE_FUTEX and kmp_lock.h
2016-05-13 Paul OsmialowskiNFC fix indent (relates to my previous commit)
2016-05-13 Paul OsmialowskiSolve 'Too many args to microtask' problem
2016-05-12 Jonathan PeytonAdding new kmp_aligned_malloc() entry point
2016-05-12 Jonathan PeytonFix team reuse with foreign threads
2016-05-12 Paul OsmialowskiNew hwloc API compatibility
2016-05-12 Hal FinkelRestore NULL flag check in __kmp_null_resume_wrapper
2016-05-07 Paul OsmialowskiFine tuning of TC* macros
2016-05-05 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Use partitioned timer scheme
2016-05-03 Paul OsmialowskiNFC remove unneded spaces (test commit)
2016-04-25 Jonathan PeytonRemove architecture dependent Hwloc DEBUG section
2016-04-25 Jonathan PeytonFix buffer problem with printing long Hwloc affinity...
2016-04-25 Jonathan PeytonARM Limited license agreement from the copyright/patent...
2016-04-19 Jonathan Peyton[ITTNOTIFY] Remove serialized parallel regions from...
2016-04-18 Jonathan PeytonFix trip count calculation for parallel loops in runtime
2016-04-18 Jonathan PeytonRuntime support for untied tasks
2016-04-18 Jonathan PeytonFix for pthread_setspecific (TLS and shutdown) problem
2016-04-18 Jonathan Peyton[STATS] Remove timePair class and unused functions