[libc] Add AOR testing dependencies for buildbot workers.
[lldb.git] / parallel-libs /
2020-02-25 Shoaib Meenai[arcconfig] Delete subproject arcconfigs
2019-01-21 Chandler CarruthFix typos throughout the license files that somehow...
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthUpdate the file headers across all of the LLVM projects...
2019-01-19 Chandler CarruthInstall new LLVM license structure and new developer...
2019-01-15 Hans WennborgUpdate year in license files
2018-06-18 Paul RobinsonUpdate copyright year to 2018.
2016-12-19 Jason Henline[Axccel] Remove -Wno-missing-braces in build
2016-10-28 Jason Henline[Acxxel] Remove setActiveDeviceForThread
2016-10-25 Jason Henline[SE] Remove StreamExecutor
2016-10-25 Jason HenlineInitial check-in of Acxxel (StreamExecutor renamed)
2016-09-27 Jason Henline[SE] Change CoreTests target name
2016-09-15 Jason Henline[SE] Fix config bug with CUDA tests
2016-09-15 Jason Henline[SE] Support CUDA dynamic shared memory
2016-09-15 Jason Henline[SE] Let users specify CUDA path
2016-09-14 Jason Henline[SE] Add CUDA platform
2016-09-13 Jason Henline[SE] Pack global dev handle addresses
2016-09-13 Jason HenlineDevice doc says device is small
2016-09-13 Jason Henline[SE] Platforms return Device values
2016-09-13 Jason Henline[SE] KernelSpec return best PTX
2016-09-13 Jason Henline[SE] Use real HostPlatformDevice for testing
2016-09-13 Jason Henline[SE] Host platform implementation
2016-09-13 Jason Henline[SE] Add .clang-format
2016-09-13 Jason Henline[SE] Stop using llvm-config --cxxflags
2016-09-12 Jason Henline[SE] Clean up device and host memory slices
2016-09-12 Jason Henline[SE] RegisteredHostMemory for async device copies
2016-09-09 Jason Henline[SE] Remove Utils directory
2016-09-09 Justin Lebar[StreamExecutor] Make SE work with an in-tree LLVM...
2016-09-08 Jason HenlineAdd streamexecutor-config
2016-09-07 Jason Henline[SE] Add getName method to Device class
2016-09-06 Jason Henline[SE] Rename PlatformInterfaces to PlatformDevice
2016-09-06 Jason Henline[SE] Remove Platform*Handle classes
2016-09-03 Jason Henline[SE] Add getByteCount methods for device memory
2016-09-02 Jason Henline[SE] Remove broken doc ref
2016-09-02 Jason Henline[SE] Doc tweaks
2016-09-02 Jason Henline[SE] GlobalDeviceMemory owns its handle
2016-09-02 Jason Henline[SE] Add "install" actions to cmake build
2016-09-02 Jason Henline[SE] Don't pack raw device mem args
2016-09-02 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Pass device memory by ref
2016-09-02 Jason Henline[SE] Make Kernel movable
2016-09-01 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Read dev array directly in test
2016-09-01 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Dev handles in platform interface
2016-09-01 Jason Henline[SE] Make Stream movable
2016-09-01 Jason Henline[SE] Docs use JAVADOC_AUTOBRIEF
2016-08-31 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] getOrDie and dieIfError utils
2016-08-31 Jason HenlineExclude examples, unittests from doc gen
2016-08-31 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add Doxygen main page
2016-08-31 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add Stream::blockHostUntilDone
2016-08-30 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Simplify Kernel classes
2016-08-26 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Fix KernelSpec Doxygen
2016-08-25 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add Platform and PlatformManager
2016-08-24 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Rename Executor to Device
2016-08-24 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Fix allocateDeviceMemory
2016-08-24 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Clean up device copy comments
2016-08-24 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Executor add synchronous methods
2016-08-16 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Rename StreamExecutor to Executor
2016-08-16 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add basic Stream operations
2016-08-08 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add DeviceMemory and kernel arg packing
2016-08-05 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add kernel types
2016-08-03 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add KernelLoaderSpec
2016-07-29 Jason Henline[StreamExecutor] Add error handling library
2016-07-20 Jason HenlineAdd .clang-format to parallel-libs
2016-07-20 Jason HenlineUse HTTPS for arcconfig conduit URL
2016-07-18 Jason HenlineSet up arcconfig for parallel-libs project
2016-07-18 Jason HenlineAdd streamexecutor directory
2016-06-24 Jason HenlineChange mailing list names in README
2016-06-22 Jason HenlineCreate parallel-libs subproject in LLVM