Fold compares irrespective of whether allocation can be elided
[lldb.git] / polly / include /
2016-04-29 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Unsigned comparisons change invalid domain
2016-04-27 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Propagate execution domain of invariant loads
2016-04-26 Johannes DoerfertAllow unsigned comparisons
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertDo not check all GEPs for assumptions
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertRefactor Scop parameter handling
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertModel zext-extend instructions
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertIntroduce a parameter set type [NFC]
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertRemove unnecessary argument of the SCEVValidator [NFC]
2016-04-24 Johannes DoerfertRemove unused iterators [NFC]
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertAdd an invalid domain to memory accesses
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertTranslate SCEVs to isl_pw_aff and their invalid domain
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertTrack invalid domains not invalid contexts for statements
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertSimplify the execution context for dereferencable loads
2016-04-22 Johannes DoerfertRepair doxygen comment [NFC]
2016-04-19 Johannes DoerfertMark Scop::getDomainConditions as const [NFC]
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertRecord wrapping assumptions early
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertRecord assumptions first and add them later
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertIntroduce and use MemoryAccess::getPwAff() [NFC]
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertIntroduce an invalid context for each statement
2016-04-11 Michael KruseAllow overflow of indices with constant dim-sizes.
2016-04-08 Johannes DoerfertCollect and verify generated parallel subfunctions
2016-04-08 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Allow to lookup domains for non-affine subregion...
2016-04-08 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Adjust execution context of hoisted loads wrt...
2016-04-08 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Look through div & srem instructions in SCEVs
2016-04-04 Johannes DoerfertExploit graph properties during domain generation
2016-03-30 Tobias GrosserRevert 264782 and 264789
2016-03-29 Johannes DoerfertExploit graph properties during domain generation
2016-03-29 Johannes DoerfertBail as early as possible
2016-03-26 Johannes DoerfertGeneralize the domain complexity restrictions
2016-03-22 Tobias GrosserInvalidate scop on encountering a complex control flow
2016-03-15 Tobias GrosserMemAccInt: Do not strip pointer casts
2016-03-13 Mehdi AminiRevert "Revert "Update Polly for the removal of Preserv...
2016-03-12 David BlaikieRevert "Update Polly for the removal of PreserveNames...
2016-03-11 David BlaikieUpdate Polly for the removal of PreserveNames from...
2016-03-07 Tobias Grosserdoxygen: Fix region marker
2016-03-07 Tobias GrosserDrop comment separators
2016-03-03 Michael KrusePass scope and LoopInfo to SCEVValidator. NFC.
2016-03-03 Michael Kruse[BlockGenerator] Fix PHI merges for MK_Arrays.
2016-03-03 Hongbin ZhengAllow the client of DependenceInfo to obtain dependence...
2016-03-01 Michael KruseFix non-synthesizable loop exit values.
2016-03-01 Johannes DoerfertTrack assumptions and restrictions separatly
2016-02-27 Tobias GrosserLoopGenerators: Expose some parts of the parallel loop...
2016-02-27 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Add function to invalidate ScopArrayInfo...
2016-02-27 Hongbin ZhengEnable llvm's isa/cast/dyn_cast on MemAccInst.
2016-02-26 Tobias GrosserScopDetect/Info: Add option to disable invariant load...
2016-02-26 Tobias GrosserBlockGenerators: Allow values to be removed from ScalarMap
2016-02-26 Tobias GrosserIslAst: Expose run-time check generation as individual...
2016-02-26 Hongbin Zheng[MemAccInst] Introduce the '->' operator and remove...
2016-02-25 Johannes DoerfertSupport calls with known ModRef function behaviour
2016-02-24 Michael KruseIntroduce ScopStmt::getRegionNode(). NFC.
2016-02-24 Michael KruseIntroduce ScopStmt::getEntryBlock(). NFC.
2016-02-24 Michael KruseIntroduce Scop::getStmtFor. NFC.
2016-02-24 Michael KruseAdd assertion to MemoryAccess::addIncoming. NFC.
2016-02-24 Michael KruseReplace std::auto_ptr with std::unique_ptr. NFC.
2016-02-24 Michael KruseProofreading comments in DependenceInfo.h. NFC.
2016-02-23 Roman GareevAnnotation of SIMD loops
2016-02-21 Tobias GrosserIslAst: Expose IslAst class in header file [NFC]
2016-02-21 Johannes DoerfertSupport memory intrinsics
2016-02-21 Johannes Doerfert[Refactor] Add newlines to separate doxygen fields
2016-02-21 Johannes Doerfert[Refactor] Avoid variables with name of types
2016-02-21 Tobias GrosserBlockGenerator: Drop unnecessary return value
2016-02-20 Hongbin ZhengAdd more isl object printing functions
2016-02-20 Hongbin ZhengAssign meaningful name to MemoryAccess. NFC
2016-02-18 Johannes DoerfertAllow all combinations of types and subscripts for...
2016-02-18 Hongbin ZhengAdd more isl object printing function
2016-02-18 Hongbin ZhengAdd the missing __isl_give to MemoryAccess::getAccessRe...
2016-02-17 Hongbin Zheng[Refactor] Move isl_ctx into Scop.
2016-02-16 Johannes DoerfertReplace getLoopForInst by getLoopForStmt
2016-02-15 Hongbin Zheng[Refactor] Eliminate the global variable "InsnToMemAcc".
2016-02-14 Johannes DoerfertSplit ScopArrayInfo::updateSizes into two functions
2016-02-14 Johannes DoerfertSeparate more constant factors of parameters
2016-02-13 Hongbin ZhengUse unique_ptr to manage Scop inside ScopInfo.
2016-02-13 Hongbin ZhengMove AccFuncMap from ScopInfo into Scop
2016-02-13 Hongbin ZhengDo not carry LoopInfo along with a Scop.
2016-02-13 Hongbin ZhengDo not carry DominatorTree along with a Scop.
2016-02-13 Hongbin ZhengDo not carry ScopDetection along with a Scop.
2016-02-07 Johannes DoerfertSeparate invariant equivalence classes by type
2016-02-07 Tobias GrosserMake memory accesses with different element types optional
2016-02-06 Michael KruseFollow uses to create value MemoryAccesses
2016-02-04 Tobias GrosserSupport accesses with differently sized types to the...
2016-02-04 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Improve documentation of ScopArrayInfo
2016-02-03 Tobias GrossertScopInfo: Shorten comment slightly
2016-02-03 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Extend description of the access relation.
2016-02-03 Tobias GrosserRevert "Support loads with differently sized types...
2016-02-02 Tobias GrosserSupport loads with differently sized types from a singl...
2016-02-02 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Split memory access construction into differe...
2016-02-02 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Do not track element-size as additional array...
2016-02-02 Johannes DoerfertRemove unneeded definition [NFC]
2016-02-02 Johannes DoerfertAdd const keyword to MemoryAccess argument [NFC]
2016-02-02 Johannes DoerfertSort analysis members and unifiy documentation [NFC]
2016-02-02 Johannes DoerfertRename the DataLayout member [NFC]
2016-02-02 Johannes DoerfertRemove helper function [NFC]
2016-02-01 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Correct schedule construction
2016-01-28 Michael KruseRemove autotools build system
2016-01-27 Michael KruseIntroduce MemAccInst helper class; NFC
2016-01-26 Michael KruseUnique phi write accesses
2016-01-26 Michael KruseUnique value read accesses
2016-01-26 Michael KruseUnique value write accesses
2016-01-26 Tobias GrosserBlockGenerators: Replace getNewScalarValue with getNewValue
2016-01-22 Tobias GrosserScopDetection: Do not detect regions with irreducible...