Stop treating -static as overriding -fPIC: they are distinct.
[lldb.git] / polly / lib /
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserDo not intersect with AssumedContext in calculateMinMax...
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserDo really not unroll the vector loop in combination...
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserAdd option to control reduction detection
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserFix formatting
2015-08-20 Johannes DoerfertSimplify the SCoP creation and bookkeeping
2015-08-20 Johannes DoerfertCheck feasibility for the runtime check context wrt...
2015-08-20 Johannes DoerfertLink ScopArrayInfo objects
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserAdd experimental support for trivial register tiling
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserAdd support for two-level tiling
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserFactor out check for tileable band node.
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserIntroduce tileBand function to simplify code
2015-08-20 Tobias GrosserAdd some forgotten isl memory annotations
2015-08-20 Johannes DoerfertCheck for feasible runtime check context early
2015-08-19 Tobias GrosserGenerate alias metadata even in OpenMP mode
2015-08-19 Tobias GrosserFix typo
2015-08-19 Tobias GrosserMake prevectorization width configurable
2015-08-19 Tobias GrosserDo not use negative option name
2015-08-19 Tobias GrosserSimplify tiling code a bit
2015-08-18 Michael KruseMove early exit to the beginning of the function
2015-08-18 Roman GareevUse isl_set_is_subset instead of isl_set_is_equal
2015-08-18 Tobias GrosserUse schedule trees to compute dependences
2015-08-18 Michael KruseFix Codegen adding a second exit out of region
2015-08-18 Johannes DoerfertIntroduce the ScopExpander as a SCEVExpander replacement
2015-08-18 Tobias GrosserDrop dead and disable code from IndependentBlocks
2015-08-17 Johannes DoerfertAdd a field to the memory access class for a related...
2015-08-17 Tobias GrosserFix Polly after SCEV port to new pass manager
2015-08-17 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Create location if a needed value was not yet...
2015-08-16 Johannes DoerfertBuild the ScopStmt domain in-place.
2015-08-16 Tobias GrosserAdd -polly-context option to provide additional context...
2015-08-16 Johannes DoerfertRemove trivially true condition
2015-08-15 Tobias GrosserAST Generation Paper published in TOPLAS
2015-08-14 Michael KruseMake TempScopInfo a RegionPass
2015-08-13 Tobias GrosserEnable code generation of scalar dependences from funct...
2015-08-12 Tobias GrosserMake the dimension sizes of in ScopArrayInfo available...
2015-08-12 Johannes DoerfertRemove identity operation from SCEVAffinator
2015-08-12 Johannes DoerfertAdd caching to the SCEVAffinator
2015-08-12 Johannes DoerfertExpose the SCEVAffinator and make it a member of a...
2015-08-12 Tobias GrosserAlways model PHI nodes in scop (if not in same nonaffin...
2015-08-11 Michael KruseAssign regions to all BBs from CodeGeneration
2015-08-11 Michael KruseRevise the simplification of regions
2015-08-11 Michael KruseIntroduce splitBlock and use it in splitEntryBlockForAlloca
2015-08-11 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.15-117-ge42acfe
2015-08-11 Tobias GrosserBlockGenerator: Do not store 'store' statements in...
2015-08-10 Michael KruseRemove leftover comment
2015-08-10 Michael Kruse[Polly] Refactor buildScop
2015-08-08 Michael Kruse[Polly] Remove dead code in IndependentBlocks
2015-08-08 Michael KruseAdd an assertion
2015-08-04 Tobias GrosserOptionally model read-only scalars
2015-08-04 Tobias GrosserRun ScopInfo after the ScopViewers
2015-08-03 Tobias GrosserDo not add spaces into memory-access identifiers
2015-08-03 Tobias GrosserAdd option -polly-view-only
2015-08-02 Tobias GrosserUse the branch instruction to define the location of...
2015-08-02 Tobias GrosserDependences: Zero pad the schedule map
2015-08-01 Tobias GrosserOnly use instructions as insert locations for SCEVExpander
2015-08-01 Tobias GrosserFix typo
2015-07-30 Michael KruseMove computations out of constructors
2015-07-29 Tobias GrosserDo not detect scops that are delinearized to arrays...
2015-07-28 Tobias GrosserRemove some dead code
2015-07-28 Tobias GrosserRewrite getPrevectorMap using schedule trees operations
2015-07-28 Tobias GrosserKeep track of ScopArrayInfo objects that model PHI...
2015-07-27 Tobias GrosserSimplify code in BlockGenerator::generateScalarLoads...
2015-07-26 Tobias GrosserSimplify some isl expression we use
2015-07-26 Johannes DoerfertRemove explicit heap allocation to fix and prevent...
2015-07-25 Tobias GrosserFix formatting of recent alias-analysis commit
2015-07-25 Tobias GrosserPrevectorize the schedule of the band (or the point...
2015-07-24 Michael KruseNormalize whitespace in makefiles
2015-07-24 Michael KruseAdd isl_ffs.c to file list in autoconf builds
2015-07-24 Michael KruseCompile fix; add missing ISL files
2015-07-24 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.15-86-g595055e
2015-07-23 Michael KruseAlways execute polly::CodePreparation before Polly
2015-07-23 Johannes DoerfertRemoved redundant alias checks generated during run...
2015-07-23 Tobias Grosserisl: Translate brisebarre to use UNIX line endings
2015-07-22 Chandler Carruth[PM/AA] Update to reflect the new LLVM API which no...
2015-07-21 Michael KruseUpdate ISL to isl-0.15-61-gcea776f
2015-07-21 Michael KruseUnify FOLDER property of Polly targets
2015-07-21 Michael KruseRemove module LLVMPolly from Windows build
2015-07-21 Michael KruseAdd a test for stdint.h like ISL's configure does
2015-07-21 Michael KruseRemove gitconfig.h.cmake
2015-07-21 Michael KruseAdd configure-time test for latest ISL
2015-07-17 Tobias GrosserGPURuntimeDebugPrinter: Printer pointer values (except...
2015-07-16 Tobias GrosserAdd option to choose where in the pass pipeline polly...
2015-07-14 Tobias GrosserUse schedule trees to represent execution order of...
2015-07-09 Tobias GrosserMake non-affine statement names isl compatible
2015-07-06 Tobias GrosserPrint thread-identifiers in GPU debug output
2015-07-02 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.15-35-ga1e44f0
2015-07-02 Tobias GrosserRemove versions from README and add update instructions
2015-06-30 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.15-30-g3518765
2015-06-29 Tobias GrosserAdd first support to delinearize A[t%2][i][j]
2015-06-29 Tobias GrosserFix delinearization after it's move to ScalarEvoltion
2015-06-26 Tobias GrosserIncrease the dependence-analysis compute out
2015-06-26 Tobias GrosserDrop divs before adding array-out-of-bounds assumptions
2015-06-26 Tobias GrosserRemove code for scalar and PHI to array translation
2015-06-25 Michael KruseEnable ISL's small integer optimization
2015-06-25 Michael KruseFix autotools build
2015-06-24 Tobias GrosserAdd support for srem instruction
2015-06-22 Michael KruseUse C99 to compile ISL
2015-06-22 Michael KruseMake CMake generate isl/stdint.h
2015-06-22 Michael KruseReplace repository version of ISL by 'make dist' output
2015-06-22 Michael KrusePrepare replacing ISL by its 'make dist' files
2015-06-19 David BlaikieFix the clang -Werror build (-Wbraced-scalar-init)