[SPARC] Fix 8 and 16-bit atomic load and store.
[lldb.git] / polly / lib /
2016-05-23 Michael Kruse[ScopInfo] Change removeMemoryAccesses to remove only...
2016-05-23 Michael KruseRemove some unused local variables. NFC.
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertUse the SCoP directly for canSynthesize [NFC]
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertSimplify ScopInfo function interfaces [NFC]
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertAllow to check for dominance wrt. a SCoP [NFC]
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertDuplicate part of the Region interface in the Scop...
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertAdd and use Scop::contains(Loop/BasicBlock/Instruction...
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertDirectly access information through the Scop class...
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertOptimistic assume required invariant loads to be invariant
2016-05-23 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Require base pointers of loads that might alias...
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertSimplify BlockGenerator::handleOutsideUsers interface...
2016-05-23 Johannes DoerfertMake the detection context non-constant [NFC]
2016-05-23 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Let ScalarEvolution forget hoisted values
2016-05-23 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Synthezise Sdiv/Srem/Udiv instructions correctly.
2016-05-19 Johannes DoerfertRevert "Optimistic assume required invariant loads...
2016-05-19 Johannes DoerfertOptimistic assume required invariant loads to be invariant
2016-05-19 Johannes DoerfertMove internal enum out of class declaration [NFC]
2016-05-19 Johannes DoerfertPropagate the DetectionContext to the SCoP [NFC]
2016-05-19 Johannes DoerfertCompute the MaxLoopDepth during domain construction...
2016-05-19 Johannes DoerfertRemove leftover debug output [NFC]
2016-05-19 Johannes DoerfertRemove unsused methodes [NFC]
2016-05-12 Johannes DoerfertCheck late for profitability
2016-05-12 Johannes DoerfertCleanup rejection log handling [NFC]
2016-05-12 Johannes DoerfertBring some comments up to date [NFC]
2016-05-12 Johannes DoerfertSupport truncate operations
2016-05-12 Johannes DoerfertCheck overflows in RTCs and bail accordingly
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertInvalidate unprofitable SCoPs after creation
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertWeaken profitability constraints during ScopDetection
2016-05-10 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Cleanup isl objects prior to early exit
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertHandle llvm.assume inside the SCoP
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertPropagate complexity problems during domain generation...
2016-05-10 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Create error-restrictions late
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertRefactor simplifySCoP [NFC]
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertSimplify the internal representation according to the...
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertSimplify access relation for invariant loads early...
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertPrevent complex access ranges with low number of pieces.
2016-05-10 Johannes DoerfertExpose interpretAsUnsigned in the SCEVAffinator [NFC]
2016-05-07 Tobias GrosserCodegen: Enable the detection of min/max expressions
2016-05-07 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.17-5-g57dc5ff
2016-05-04 Michael KruseUpdate to ISL 0.17.
2016-05-02 Michael KruseTypo: ToComplex -> TooComplex. NFC.
2016-05-02 Michael KruseRename Conjuncts -> Disjunctions. NFC.
2016-05-02 Michael Kruse[ScheduleOptimizer] Add -polly-opt-outer-coincidence...
2016-05-02 Michael KruseTypo: isToComplex -> isTooComplex. NFC.
2016-04-29 Johannes DoerfertAllow unsigned divisions
2016-04-29 Johannes DoerfertRefactor SCEVAffinator [NFC]
2016-04-29 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Add option to control abort on isl errors
2016-04-29 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Unsigned comparisons change invalid domain
2016-04-29 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Prevent division/modulo by zero in parameters
2016-04-28 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Correct assumption simplification
2016-04-28 Tobias GrosserBlockGenerator: Drop leftover debug statement
2016-04-27 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Propagate execution domain of invariant loads
2016-04-26 Johannes DoerfertAllow unsigned comparisons
2016-04-26 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Adjust assumption space for zext instructions
2016-04-26 Johannes DoerfertDo not use the number of parameters in the complexity...
2016-04-26 Johannes DoerfertDo not add but record signed-unsigned assumptions
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertExtract some constant factors from "SCEVAddExprs"
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertDo not check all GEPs for assumptions
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertOnly add user assumptions on known parameters [NFC]
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertRefactor Scop parameter handling
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertModel zext-extend instructions
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertCheck only loop control of loops that are part of the...
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertInitialize the invalid domain of an access with an...
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertDo not propagate invalid domains over back edges
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertIntroduce a parameter set type [NFC]
2016-04-25 Johannes DoerfertRemove unnecessary argument of the SCEVValidator [NFC]
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertAdd an invalid domain to memory accesses
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertTranslate SCEVs to isl_pw_aff and their invalid domain
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertTrack invalid domains not invalid contexts for statements
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertImprove accuracy of Scop::hasFeasibleRuntimeContext
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertSimplify the execution context for dereferencable loads
2016-04-23 Johannes DoerfertRemove simplification calls for the execution domain...
2016-04-22 Johannes DoerfertBail for complex execution contexts of invariant loads
2016-04-22 Johannes DoerfertEarly exit for addInvariantLoads
2016-04-22 Johannes DoerfertBail for complex alias checks
2016-04-19 Johannes DoerfertRelate domains to statements during construction [NFC]
2016-04-19 Johannes DoerfertAdd user assumptions after domain generation [NFC]
2016-04-19 Johannes DoerfertDo not build domains for out of SCoP blocks [NFC]
2016-04-19 Johannes DoerfertMark Scop::getDomainConditions as const [NFC]
2016-04-18 Tobias GrosserSCoPValidator: Use SCEVTraversal to simplify SCEVInRegi...
2016-04-12 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Check the invalid context agains the context...
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertDo not by default minimize remarks
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertRecord wrapping assumptions early
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertRecord assumptions first and add them later
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertIntroduce and use MemoryAccess::getPwAff() [NFC]
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertDo not assume switch modeling optimizes a SCoP
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertIntroduce an invalid context for each statement
2016-04-12 Johannes DoerfertSimplify SCEVAffinator code [NFC]
2016-04-11 Michael KruseAllow overflow of indices with constant dim-sizes.
2016-04-11 Michael KruseDo not bind a non-const reference to a rvalue. NFC.
2016-04-10 Johannes DoerfertAllow pointer expressions in SCEVs again.
2016-04-09 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Do not allow select as a base pointer in the...
2016-04-09 Johannes DoerfertDo not allow exception handling code in SCoPs
2016-04-09 Johannes DoerfertAdd __isl_give annotations to return types [NFC]
2016-04-09 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Do not recompute SCEVs but pass them to subfunctions
2016-04-08 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Do not crash on opaque (unsized) types.
2016-04-08 Johannes Doerfert[FIX] Teach the ScopExpander about parallel subfunctions
2016-04-08 Johannes DoerfertCollect and verify generated parallel subfunctions
2016-04-08 Michael Kruse[ScopInfo] Fix check for element size mismatch.
2016-04-08 Michael Kruse[ScopInfo] Rename variable to AccType. NFC.