[SPARC] Fix 8 and 16-bit atomic load and store.
[lldb.git] / polly / utils /
2015-09-14 Michael KruseRevise polly-{update|check}-format targets
2015-08-12 Johannes DoerfertMake arc unit work with ninja builds
2015-04-21 Tobias GrosserRename 'scattering' to 'schedule'
2015-02-15 Tobias GrosserRemove isl/cloog build scripts
2014-12-07 Tobias GrosserUpdate to the latest version of isl
2014-12-02 Tobias Grossercheckout_isl: Do not fail in presence of an old CLooG...
2014-12-02 Tobias GrosserMake checkout isl script executable
2014-12-02 Johannes DoerfertDrop Cloog support
2014-11-03 Tobias GrosserRevert "Temporary disable formatting error"
2014-11-03 Tobias GrosserTemporary disable formatting error
2014-10-01 Johannes DoerfertChange the output of arc unit
2014-09-18 Johannes DoerfertUpdated to isl 2c19ecd444095d6f560349018f68993bc0e03691
2014-09-08 Johannes DoerfertAdded arcanist (arc) unit test support
2014-08-18 Johannes DoerfertAdded arcanist linters and cleaned errors and warnings
2014-07-15 Tobias GrosserUpdate to isl-0.13.0
2014-06-24 Yabin HuRemove use of llvm.codegen intrinsic for GPGPU codegen
2014-04-13 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to fix memory bugs
2014-04-12 Tobias GrosserDependences: Refine the compute out facility
2014-03-10 Tobias GrosserUpdate CLooG and some test cases
2014-03-10 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to ensure 'extern "C" {' is available
2014-01-26 Tobias GrosserUpdate to isl 1b3ba3b72c0482fd36bf0b4a1186a259f7bafeed
2014-01-19 Tobias GrosserSwitch isl back to isl 0.12.1
2014-01-19 Tobias GrosserUpdate to the latest cloog and isl versions
2014-01-07 Chandler CarruthUpdate #include paths for r198688 in LLVM that moved...
2013-12-07 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to latest maintenance release
2013-11-28 Tobias Grosser(re)enable formatting checks
2013-11-22 Tobias GrosserReally stop the buildbot noise
2013-11-22 Tobias GrosserDisable format checking
2013-11-22 Tobias Grossercmake: Provide path to installed clang-format
2013-11-22 Tobias GrosserDisable formatting checks to silent buildbots
2013-10-11 Tobias GrosserMove to CLooG 0.18.1 and isl 0.12.1
2013-07-25 Tobias GrosserConvert line endings to unix style
2013-06-24 Tobias GrosserUpdate CLooG such that the isl test cases are really...
2013-06-21 Tobias GrosserUse isl_val instead of isl_int in the core of Polly
2013-06-16 Tobias GrosserUpdate to a newer CLooG version
2013-05-31 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to include isl_val changes
2013-05-07 Tobias Grossercmake: Add target to reformat with clang-format
2013-02-15 Sebastian Popcheck that clang-format exists
2013-02-14 Tobias Grosserclang-format: Really check all files
2013-02-14 Tobias GrosserReport formatting problems as with 'diff -u'
2013-02-14 Tobias Grossercmake: add command polly-check-format
2012-12-04 Tobias GrosserUser isl sha commit id instead of the git tag
2012-12-03 Tobias GrosserUpdate CLooG
2012-12-03 Tobias GrosserUse isl 0.11
2012-12-01 Tobias GrosserUpdate the recommended isl version
2012-11-29 Tobias GrosserUpdate to Polly for LLVM r165262 which changes TargetDa...
2012-11-18 Sebastian Poputils: use rmdir instead of rm to remove empty dirs
2012-11-17 Sebastian Poputils: remove the isl directory after cloning cloog
2012-11-17 Sebastian Poputils: remove existing cloog and isl dirs before git...
2012-10-16 Tobias Grosserisl scheduler: Do not fail when returning an empty...
2012-10-16 Tobias Grosserisl-codegen: Support '<' and '>'
2012-10-02 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to get the new code generation
2012-09-03 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to a newer version
2012-08-02 Tobias GrosserUpdate llvm.codegen() patch for CodeGen.cpp changes...
2012-07-03 Tobias Grossercodegen.intrinsic: Update testcase to work with NVPTX...
2012-07-03 Tobias GrosserUpdate to Polly for LLVM r159614 which changes Passes...
2012-07-01 Tobias GrosserUpdate to Polly for LLVM r159383 which changes Selectio...
2012-06-29 Chandler CarruthSpeculative update to Polly for LLVM r159421 which...
2012-05-30 Tobias GrosserAdd llvm.codegen intrinsic patch file to polly/utils.
2012-05-22 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Add parameter bounds to context
2012-02-20 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl
2012-01-30 Tobias GrosserUse isl version: 3c66541593a6bf3b5a3d35d31567abe6c9e5a04b
2011-12-14 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl
2011-12-12 Tobias GrosserUpgrade to CLooG 0.17.0
2011-12-06 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl.
2011-11-29 Tobias GrosserAdd utils/jscop2cloog.py
2011-10-23 Tobias GrosserRemove pollycc
2011-10-23 Tobias GrosserUpdate to isl 0.08
2011-10-07 Tobias GrosserSwitch to the most recent version of ISL.
2011-10-06 Tobias GrosserAddress Sebastians comments
2011-10-06 Tobias GrosserAdapt to introduction of isl_space
2011-10-05 Tobias Grossercheckout_cloog: Fix this script to run on our buildbot.
2011-10-05 Tobias GrosserAdd a tool to checkout cloog/isl automatically with...
2011-07-06 Tobias Grosserpollycc: Fix error message if PoCC/Pluto are not available
2011-06-30 Tobias GrosserScheduleOpt: Add first version of prevectorization
2011-05-14 Tobias GrosserScheduleOptimizer: Add an isl based schedule optimizer
2011-04-29 Tobias GrosserAdd a converter from jscop to iscc input
2011-04-29 Tobias GrosserAdd initial version of Polly