Fold compares irrespective of whether allocation can be elided
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2016-05-02 Johannes Doerfert[WWW] Mark task as done and me as owner of some task
2016-04-29 Tobias Grosserdoc: A source code with Polly does not use a separate...
2016-04-05 Johannes Doerfert[WWW] Update passes
2016-03-25 Tobias Grosserwww: Directly link to our new SPHINX documentation
2016-03-25 Tobias Grosserwww: Reference doxygen documentation directly from...
2016-03-25 Tobias Grosserwww; Drop memory access documentation
2016-03-23 Tobias Grosserwww: Drop one more </div>
2016-03-23 Tobias Grosserwww: Drop polyhedral news reference.
2016-03-03 Tobias Grosserwww: Add links to sphinx/doxygen documentation
2016-02-25 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix typo
2016-02-25 Tobias GrosserAdd Polly GSoC projects
2016-02-04 Tobias Grosserwww: Remove some spaces
2016-02-04 Tobias Grosserwww: Add Michael's thesis
2016-02-04 Tobias Grosserwww: Add Felix-Antoine's master thesis
2016-02-04 Tobias Grosserwww: Drop outdated dragonegg documentation
2016-02-03 Tobias Grosserwww: Simplify 'build & install' descriptions
2016-02-02 Johannes Doerfert[WWW] Add our Polly/OpenCL paper
2016-02-02 Tobias Grosserwww: Mark full/partial tile separation for vectorizatio...
2016-02-02 Tobias Grosserwww: Update statistic code
2016-02-02 Tobias Grosserwww: update formatting of news
2016-02-02 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix overlapping lines II
2016-02-02 Tobias GrosserAvoid overlapping lines
2016-01-28 Michael KruseRemove autotools build system
2016-01-22 Tobias Grosserwww: Update links to LLVM bug tracker
2016-01-05 Tobias GrosserTODO: Polly can handle boolean expressions (Open->Done)
2016-01-05 Tobias GrosserTODO: We do not use -independent-blocks any more (Open...
2015-09-24 Tobias GrosserMark a couple of issues as done
2015-08-19 Tobias GrosserDo not use negative option name
2015-08-15 Tobias GrosserAST Generation Paper published in TOPLAS
2015-08-15 Tobias GrosserUpdate link to Polly paper
2015-08-05 Tanya LattnerUpdate links to
2015-07-14 Tobias GrosserMark a couple of items as completed
2015-07-14 Tobias GrosserDrop outdated video
2015-07-14 Tobias Grosserwww: Add link to
2015-06-03 Tobias Grosser[doc] Rename -polly-detect-only= to -polly-only-func=
2015-04-21 Tobias GrosserRename 'scattering' to 'schedule'
2015-04-10 Tobias GrosserDrop ISL_INSTALL path
2015-04-09 Tobias GrosserDo not recommend -polly-vectorizer=polly
2015-04-05 Tobias GrosserAdjust documentation to old -enable-polly-openmp -...
2015-03-30 Tobias GrosserDelete some leftovers from scoplib
2015-03-30 Tobias GrosserDrop libpluto support
2015-02-28 Johannes DoerfertFormat non-affine subregions news item
2015-02-28 Johannes DoerfertAdd non-affine subregions to the news
2015-02-25 Johannes DoerfertAdd the IMPACT2015 publications
2015-02-25 Johannes DoerfertAdd myself to the contributors of Polly
2015-02-25 Johannes DoerfertAdd non-affine subregions to the TODO list
2015-02-15 Tobias Grosserwww: update installation instructions to not include...
2015-02-15 Tobias GrosserRemove isl/cloog build scripts
2015-02-15 Tobias Grosserwww: Add code coverage and scan-build results again
2015-02-11 Johannes DoerfertUpdate TODO list.
2015-02-09 Tobias Grosserisl is now distributed with polly
2015-01-07 Tobias Grossertodo: Remove some redundant topics
2015-01-07 Tobias Grosserwww: Make sure the main content pane does not overlap...
2015-01-07 Tobias Grossertodo: Adding native OpenSCoP support to Polly does...
2015-01-07 Tobias GrosserAdd updated TODO list
2015-01-06 Tobias Grosserwww: Draft changelog for the upcoming release.
2015-01-06 Tobias GrosserFix html
2015-01-06 Tobias GrosserWe currently do not create these result for polly
2014-12-07 Tobias Grosserwww-todo: No need to directly integrate with the basic...
2014-12-07 Tobias Grosserwww-todo: We assume accesses to fixed-size arrays are...
2014-12-02 Johannes DoerfertDrop Cloog support
2014-11-19 Tobias Grossertodo: We can support modifiable memory access functions
2014-11-19 Tobias Grossertodo: We now have OpenMP support in isl backend
2014-11-19 Johannes DoerfertChange states in the www/todo.html list
2014-09-22 Tobias Grosser[www] Update formatting of news feed
2014-09-22 Tobias Grosser[www] Unbreak the newsfeed from
2014-08-18 Johannes DoerfertAdded arcanist linters and cleaned errors and warnings
2014-08-13 Johannes Doerfert[Polly] Remove the PoCC and ScopLib support
2014-06-10 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix grammar.
2014-06-04 Tobias Grosserwww: Polly can be built without any GPLed software
2014-04-23 Tobias Grosserwww: Reference phone call notes
2014-04-17 Tobias GrosserLink to notes of our last phone call
2014-04-11 Tobias GrosserRemove OpenScop
2014-04-10 Tobias Grossertodo: Update todo list
2014-04-10 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix typo
2014-04-10 Tobias Grossertodo: Building against an installed LLVM works
2014-04-10 Tobias Grosserwww: We have no interest in FORTRAN support in test...
2014-04-10 Tobias GrosserAdd link to meeting notes
2014-04-03 Tobias GrosserAdd another hint for fixing check-polly errors to get_s...
2014-04-03 Tobias GrosserNote of last Polly phone call
2014-04-03 Tobias GrosserAdd a paragraph describing how to configure the python...
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: More formatting improvements
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Remove warning about the implementation status
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Rewrite the intro about Polly
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Mark a couple of projects done
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Add a script that allows us to obtain statistics...
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Add a script to show the latest news from polyhedr...
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Separate out the Polly paper
2014-03-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Link to the publication list
2014-03-19 Sebastian Pop[www] announce static links of polly in tools
2014-03-10 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix link to Pluto
2014-02-19 Tobias Grosserwww: Add FOSDEM presentation and Polly buildbots
2014-02-11 Tobias GrosserAdd link to
2014-01-27 Tobias GrosserTODO: Add topic 'teach bugpoint to extract regions'
2014-01-06 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix typo II
2014-01-06 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix typo
2014-01-06 Tobias Grosserwww: Add link to newly released islplot library
2014-01-02 Tobias GrosserIntroduce -polly-canonicalize pass
2013-12-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Simplify css
2013-12-20 Tobias Grosserwww: Fix typos