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2016-07-22 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Generate PTX assembly code for the kernel modules
2016-07-21 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: generate code for ScopStatements
2016-07-21 Tobias GrosserIslNodeBuilder: expose addReferencesFromStmt [NFC]
2016-07-21 Tobias GrosserIslExprBuilder: allow to specify an external isl_id...
2016-07-21 Tobias GrosserBlockGenerator: remove dead instructions in normal...
2016-07-21 Tobias Grossertests: make test cases more robust using regexp
2016-07-21 Tobias Grossertests: fix order of memory accesses to ensure import...
2016-07-21 Tobias GrosserJScop: Factor out importContext [NFC]
2016-07-21 Tobias GrosserJScop: Factor out importContext [NFC]
2016-07-21 Tobias GrosserJScop: Factor out importSchedule [NFC]
2016-07-20 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.17.1-191-g540b2fd
2016-07-20 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.17.1-171-g233f589
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Bail out of scops with hoisted invariant loads
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Disable invariant load hoisting for GPU code...
2016-07-19 Tobias Grossertest: Add missing 'REQUIRES' line
2016-07-19 Tobias Grossertest: Add missing 'REQUIRES' line
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Emit in-kernel synchronization statements
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: generate control flow within the kernel
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: add scop parameters to kernel arguments
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: add host iterators to kernel arguments
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: add intrinsic functions to obtain a kernels...
2016-07-19 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: create kernel function skeleton
2016-07-18 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: collect array references
2016-07-18 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Pull implementation out of class definition
2016-07-18 Tobias Grossertest: Add missing 'REQUIRES' line
2016-07-18 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Create host control flow
2016-07-16 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Abort if any dummy function is called
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Format statements scheduled on the host ourselves
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Use schedule whole components for scheduler
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Drop domain constraints from flow dependences
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Add memory reference tag ids to tagged accesses
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Do not check for hidden declarations
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Test scalar/array types i1/i3/i8/i32/i60/i64...
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Test scalar parameters of type half/float/double...
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Make sure scops with more than one array work
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Free options to avoid memory leak
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Shorten ppcg include paths to avoid conflict...
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Model array access information
2016-07-15 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Use CHECK-NEXT to harden test cases
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Generate an AST for the GPU-mapped schedule
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Add dummy implementation for ast expression...
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Use a tile size of 32 by default
2016-07-14 Benjamin KramerUpgrade all the .arcconfigs to https.
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserFix formatting
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Map initial schedule to GPU schedule
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: Do not dump schedule by default
2016-07-14 Roman Gareev[NFC] Add full title/author information to "Apply the...
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: compute new schedule from polly scop
2016-07-14 Tobias GrosserGPGPU: create default initialized PPCG scop and gpu...
2016-07-13 Tobias GrosserPPCGCodegen: Support compilation without GPU support
2016-07-13 Tobias GrosserAdd accelerator code generation pass skeleton
2016-07-13 Tobias GrosserAdd ppcg-0.04 to lib/External
2016-07-12 Michael KruseAdd CHECK line to test case. NFC.
2016-07-12 Michael Kruse[SCEVAffinator] Fix assertion checking for constant...
2016-07-11 Weiming ZhaoFix a build warning of unhandled enum in switch
2016-07-11 Tobias GrosserFix gcc compile failure
2016-07-11 Tobias GrosserInvariantEquivClassTy: Use struct instead of 4-tuple...
2016-07-11 Tobias GrosserAdd test case forgotten in r275053
2016-07-11 Tobias Grosserload hoisting: compute memory access invalid context...
2016-07-08 Michael KruseFix assertion due to buildMemoryAccess.
2016-07-07 Justin BognerUpdate for llvm r274769
2016-07-06 Tobias Grosserisl: isl-0.17.1-164-gcbba1b6
2016-07-06 Tobias Grossertest: Drop unnecessary -polly-code-generator=isl flag
2016-07-06 Tobias GrosserGPURuntime: Only print status in debug mode
2016-07-06 Tobias GrosserGPURuntime: Drop polly_allocateMemoryForHostAndDevice
2016-07-06 Tobias GrosserGPURuntime: Add basic debug tracing infrastructure
2016-07-06 George Burgess IVTry to fix polly buildbots.
2016-07-05 Tobias Grossercmake: do not check-format anything in lib/External
2016-07-02 Tobias GrosserCorrect two typos
2016-07-02 Tobias GrosserCodegenCleanup: Drop CFLAA pass from codegen cleanup...
2016-07-01 Tobias GrosserEnsure parameter names are isl-compatible
2016-06-30 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Add array_begin() and array_end() iterators
2016-06-30 Tobias GrosserPropagate on-error status
2016-06-30 Tobias GrosserSimplify: get isl_ctx only once [NFC]
2016-06-28 Michael KruseCreate a dedicated header file for ScopBuilder. NFC.
2016-06-28 Michael KruseMove ScopBuilder into its own file. NFC.
2016-06-28 Michael KruseMove getIndexExpressionsFromGEP() to ScopHelper. NFC.
2016-06-27 Michael KruseAdd comment on why loops/regions can overlap. NFC.
2016-06-27 Michael KruseFix assertion due to loop overlap with nonaffine region.
2016-06-27 Johannes Doerfert[GSoC 2016] New function pass DependenceInfoWrapperPass
2016-06-27 Johannes Doerfert[GSoC 2016]New function pass ScopInfoWrapperPass
2016-06-27 Johannes DoerfertThis patch updates memory management of ScopBuilder...
2016-06-23 Tobias Grosserclang-tidy: Add llvm namespace comments
2016-06-23 Tobias GrosserDrop unnecessary ';'
2016-06-23 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.17.1-84-g72ffe88
2016-06-22 Tobias GrosserFix separator in header comment
2016-06-22 Tobias GrosserAdd missing copyright header
2016-06-22 Tobias Grosserclang-tidy: apply modern-use-nullptr fixes
2016-06-22 Roman Gareev[NFC] Use isl_schedule_node_band_n_member to get the...
2016-06-22 Roman GareevApply all necessary tilings and unrollings to get a...
2016-06-21 Eugene ZelenkoRespect LLVM_INSTALL_TOOLCHAIN_ONLY.
2016-06-15 Michael KruseReplace ScalarReplAggregatesPass by SROAPass.
2016-06-12 Roman Gareev[NFC] Outline the application of register tiling.
2016-06-12 Tobias GrosserRecommit: "Simplify min/max expression generation"
2016-06-12 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to isl-0.17.1-57-g1879898
2016-06-12 Tobias GrosserExpand test cases affected by next commit
2016-06-11 Tobias GrosserRecommit: "[FIX] Determine insertion point during SCEV...
2016-06-11 Tobias GrosserRecommit: "Look through IntToPtr & PtrToInt instructions"
2016-06-11 Tobias GrosserThis reverts recent expression type changes
2016-06-11 Tobias GrosserScopDetection: Make enum function-local