Adding a .gitignore to tools-extra
[lldb.git] / polly /
2013-01-08 Tobias GrosserDead code elimination: Make variable names uppercase
2013-01-08 Tobias Grosserclang-format the dead code elimination pass
2013-01-02 Chandler CarruthRewrite #includes for llvm/Foo.h to llvm/IR/Foo.h as...
2013-01-01 NAKAMURA TakumiUpdate the copyright coredits -- Happy new year 2013!
2012-12-29 Tobias GrosserFormatting: Break lines after binary operators such...
2012-12-29 Tobias GrosserFix obvious formatting problems.
2012-12-29 Tobias Grosserwww: Add news to Polly website
2012-12-29 Tobias Grosserwww: Add new Polly publication
2012-12-29 Tobias Grosser'chmod -x' on files that do not need the executable...
2012-12-21 Sebastian Popavoid initializing twice
2012-12-21 Sebastian Popdo not access Info when it is NULL
2012-12-18 Sebastian Popreturn -1 when polly::getNumberOfIterations returns -1
2012-12-18 Sebastian Popisl: vector code generation based on ISL ast
2012-12-18 Sebastian Popchange interface for isStride
2012-12-13 Sebastian Popisl: detect vector parallelism
2012-12-13 Tobias Grosserisl: Detect openmp parallelism
2012-12-06 Andy GibbsIntegrate polly test-suite into an llvm "make check...
2012-12-04 Tobias GrosserUser isl sha commit id instead of the git tag
2012-12-03 Sebastian Popadapt cloog codegen testcases to isl
2012-12-03 Sebastian Popuse -polly-ast instead of -polly-cloog
2012-12-03 Sebastian Popexecute cloog specific testcases only with CLOOG_FOUND
2012-12-03 Tobias GrosserUpdate CLooG
2012-12-03 Tobias GrosserUse isl 0.11
2012-12-01 Tobias GrosserUpdate the recommended isl version
2012-11-30 Tobias GrosserRemove unneeded preservation and restore of ValueMap...
2012-11-30 Tobias GrosserAdd an additional input argument according to chanages...
2012-11-29 Tobias GrosserUpdate to Polly for LLVM r165262 which changes TargetDa...
2012-11-28 Patrik HägglundFix tests with broken datalayout strings.
2012-11-28 Tobias Grossercmake: Fix installation of include files
2012-11-27 Sebastian Popdo not execute the OpenMP tests when cloog is not found
2012-11-27 Sebastian Popmake IslAstInfo::printScop compatible with CloogInfo...
2012-11-26 Sebastian Popdo not require cloog from configure
2012-11-26 Sebastian Popfix typo
2012-11-26 Sebastian Popremove dependence on CLOOG_FOUND for PollyVectorizerChoice
2012-11-26 Sebastian Popremove dead code
2012-11-26 Sebastian Popremove unused flag
2012-11-19 Tobias GrosserMake polly -Wdocumentation clean
2012-11-18 Sebastian Poputils: use rmdir instead of rm to remove empty dirs
2012-11-17 Sebastian Poputils: remove the isl directory after cloning cloog
2012-11-17 Sebastian Poputils: remove existing cloog and isl dirs before git...
2012-11-15 Sebastian Popautoconf: isl depends on gmp include files
2012-11-14 Tobias Grossertest: LLVM supports now vectors of arbitrary pointers
2012-11-04 Tobias GrosserTests: Pipe test files into 'opt'
2012-11-02 Tobias GrosserTests: remove ModuleID lines
2012-11-02 Tobias GrosserTests: move content of .c files in .ll
2012-11-01 Tobias GrosserRemove runtime tests from polly test suite
2012-11-01 Tobias GrosserDependences: Add support to calculate memory based...
2012-11-01 Tobias GrosserScopDetection: Print line numbers of detected scops
2012-11-01 Tobias GrosserRevert multiple adress space changes in Polly
2012-11-01 Tobias GrosserCodegen: Selectively copy in array addresses for OpenMP...
2012-11-01 Tobias GrosserCodeGen: Add scop-parameters to the OpenMP context
2012-11-01 Tobias GrosserCodegen: Copy and restore the ValueMap and ClastVars...
2012-10-25 Chandler CarruthAnother speculative commit to try to fix Polly's build...
2012-10-25 Chandler CarruthAnother fix for a build-bot reported API mismatch.
2012-10-25 Chandler CarruthTry to revive the Polly builders after this LLVM API...
2012-10-21 Tobias Grosserautoconf/cmake: Always require isl code generation.
2012-10-21 Tobias Grossercmake: Use suffix for shared modules instead of the...
2012-10-21 Tobias GrosserRegisterPasses: Remove unreachable default case in...
2012-10-21 Tobias Grosserwww: Correct command line that loads polly into dragonegg
2012-10-21 Tobias GrosserIntroduce a separate file for CMake macros
2012-10-16 Tobias Grosserisl scheduler: Do not fail when returning an empty...
2012-10-16 Tobias Grosserisl-codegen: Support '<' and '>'
2012-10-12 Tobias Grosserwww: Clarify that GMP is LGPL licensed
2012-10-09 Sameer SahasrabuddheTrivial change to the README, mainly to test commit...
2012-10-08 Micah VillmowMove TargetData to DataLayout to fix build breakage...
2012-10-08 Tobias GrosserRename TargetData -> DataLayout
2012-10-07 Tobias GrosserScopLib: Support negated access functions.
2012-10-07 Tobias GrosserUpdate the 'News' section on the Polly page
2012-10-02 Tobias GrosserAdd a new isl based code generation
2012-10-02 Tobias GrosserAdd an ast pretty printer pass based on the isl code...
2012-10-02 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to get the new code generation
2012-10-02 Tobias GrosserDetect the isl code generation feature correctly
2012-09-21 Tobias GrosserBailout if libpluto finds no schedule
2012-09-11 Tobias GrosserAdd test cases for multi-dimensional variable lengths...
2012-09-11 Tobias GrosserScopInfo: Align parameters when using -polly-allow...
2012-09-08 Tobias GrosserSCEVValidator: Add debug output that gives the reason...
2012-09-08 Tobias GrosserRemove dead code
2012-09-08 Tobias GrosserScopGraphPrinter: Escape error message
2012-09-04 Tobias GrosserAdd dependency to intrinsics_gen
2012-09-03 Tobias GrosserUpdate isl to a newer version
2012-08-30 Tobias GrosserPocc: Fix some bugs in the PoCC optimizer pass
2012-08-30 Tobias GrosserPluto: Print pluto input in debugging mode
2012-08-27 Tobias GrosserDependences: Print dependences in -analyze output
2012-08-24 Tobias GrosserPoCC: Simplify condition
2012-08-24 Tobias GrosserSort includes
2012-08-24 Tobias GrosserPoCC: Adapt to earlier vectorizer changes
2012-08-21 Tobias Grosserautoconf: Only define GPGPU_CODEGEN, if that feature...
2012-08-15 Tobias GrosserRemove executable bits from html files
2012-08-15 Tobias Grosserwww documentation for using Polly with dragonegg.
2012-08-03 Tobias GrosserAdd preliminary implementation for GPGPU code generation.
2012-08-03 Tobias GrosserRemove 'using namespace llvm' from header file
2012-08-03 Tobias Grossercmake: Fix building of Polly on Apple system
2012-08-02 Tobias GrosserRemove leftover definitions
2012-08-02 Tobias GrosserUpdate llvm.codegen() patch for CodeGen.cpp changes...
2012-08-02 Tobias GrosserAdd missing dependency to cmake system
2012-08-02 Tobias GrosserAdd support for libpluto as the scheduling optimizer.
2012-08-01 Hongbin ZhengIndependentBLocks: Do not visit the same instruction...
2012-07-24 Tobias GrosserCreate a new directory before running the polly script
2012-07-16 Tobias GrosserAllow cast instructions within scops
2012-07-13 Tobias GrosserRevert "Add preliminary implementation for GPGPU code...