+touch missing 'po/ChangeLog' during glib-gettextize(1)
[macros.git] / AutoGen.pm
2003-06-07 short+touch missing 'po/ChangeLog' during glib-gettextize(1)
2003-05-14 shortCosmetic: Fixed warning if !want-libtoolize
2003-05-02 short+option "want-glib-gettextize"
2003-04-15 shortFix architecture detection by RPM vars: "_arch" ->... captive-0_2 captive-0_8
2003-03-24 shortpre-clear $ENV{"CFLAGS"} to prevent the default autocon...
2003-03-10 short+require 5.6.0;
2003-02-05 shortFixed/updated RPM build to get it working for the first...
2003-02-04 shortcleanfiles: +"./compile"
2003-01-11 short'po' files can now also silently change their comment...
2002-11-08 short&_cleanfiles: +"*.l[oa]T"
2002-10-31 shortbootstrap captive-0_1