Cosmetic: warnings fixed when 'gettext' returns 'const' value
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2001-04-07 short"po/.cvsignore" file no longer destroyed during 'clean'
1999-12-01 shortMy local network connectivity changed, uninteresting...
1999-11-05 shortRPM build added, generated with "./ rpm".
1999-11-03 shortLocalization added together with Czech catalog. Czech...
1999-10-31 shortBranch sms9110 collapsed to main trunk.
1999-09-06 shortGCC_NEED_DECLARATION used to prevent (maintainer-only... bp_sms9110
1999-09-06 shortRemoved RCS Log entries as recommended in CVS Faq-O...
1999-06-02 shortMakefile target dist-tarZ added for 'compress'-ed archives.
1999-05-26 shortFirst alpha release. init