1999-09-06 shortFixed --log long option recognition ('l'->'L').
1999-09-06 shortGCC_NEED_DECLARATION used to prevent (maintainer-only... bp_sms9110
1999-09-06 shortFixed my ChangeLog e-mail address.
1999-09-06 shortRemoved RCS Log entries as recommended in CVS Faq-O...
1999-07-29 short'-f' flag is working now.
1999-07-28 shortVersion bumped to 1.3.
1999-07-28 shortRemoved strict converting/checking of symbol characters...
1999-07-19 shortRemoved '\xXY' chars for compatibility with Digital...
1999-07-14 shortVersion bumped to 1.2.
1999-07-14 shortTermios made compatible with Digital UNIX 4.0, cfset...
1999-07-03 shortDocumentation fixes.
1999-06-03 shortVersion bumped to 1.1.
1999-06-03 shortLogging (--log) implemented.
1999-06-03 shortCommented all the entries in setup.h.
1999-06-03 shortImplemented remaining communication timeouts and maximu...
1999-06-02 shortMakefile target dist-tarZ added for 'compress'-ed archives.
1999-05-26 shortFirst alpha release. init