[nethome.git] / .vimrc
2010-07-03 jkratoch+set textwidth=78
2008-07-12 lace+gq]: Single-quoted mail paragraphs formatting.
2008-07-12 laceGlobally unify tabstopping on the GNU style.
2006-07-11 lacevim-7 compatibility tuning.
2005-11-30 short+set nofoldenable
2005-08-19 short+<C-k>: aspell(1) call.
2005-08-17 short+$Id$
2005-08-15 short+"euc-jp" file encoding autodetection.
2005-05-19 short+Restore the cursor position after the file got opened.
2005-04-30 short+set noincsearch
2005-02-19 shortMangle the tn/tp/next/prev/cn/cp hotkeys.
2005-02-10 shortDisable cst for single-click CTRL-].
2004-12-29 shortError next-prev map to: ALT-M, ALT-L
2004-12-26 shortMove to UTF-8.
2004-11-30 short"autocmd! gzip" no longer appears to exist in common...
2003-01-18 short+map <Esc>g: prepare ':grep' line with keyword under...
2003-01-17 short+display filename status after each file-switching...
2003-01-17 shortmap <Esc>N/P: do 'zz' afterwards
2003-01-17 shortCosmetic: mappings: Finally escaped all control-charact...
2003-01-17 short+Turn off file autodetections
2002-09-16 shorttags: +(../)*w32/inc/tags
2002-09-05 short+double-run protection by "g:_kratochvil_vimrc"
2002-09-02 shortForced just autoindent out of all the *indent options
2002-09-02 short+encoding=utf-8; termencoding=iso-8859-2; fileencodings...
2002-03-09 shortFixed pathname detection for Paulina, pathnames are...
2002-03-09 shortGeneral merge+cleanup
2001-10-02 short"ts/sw 2" is now set even for ~/WWW
2001-09-22 short+set nohlsearch
2001-07-10 shortSome personal preferences