2005-05-11 short+kgdb
2005-05-11 shortImprove auto-height hack workaround.
2005-05-11 short+reaim
2005-05-11 short+unset markers
2005-05-10 shortDisplay possible error of use-ing:
2005-05-09 shortInitialize from .bashrc (for Japanese input methods...
2005-05-09 shortJapanese input.
2005-05-08 short+alias cvs2cl
2005-05-06 short+"conf" for: scripts/kconfig/conf
2005-05-06 short+"offset.h" for: include/asm-x86_64/offset.h
2005-05-06 shortProvide arch-dependent kernel sources relevant to the...
2005-05-04 shortRemoved as it was no longer used by anyone.
2005-05-01 shortOmit "ntpstats" directory.
2005-05-01 shortCommot logs "tail -f" (safety processed).
2005-04-30 shortPrevent: unalias: x: not found
2005-04-30 short+set noincsearch
2005-04-30 short+unalias Mandrake broken commands.
2005-04-30 shortRemove as no longer being used: weberr, weblog
2005-04-30 shortPrevent: TMOUT: readonly variable
2005-04-28 shortInclude .S sources for the operations (grep(1)).
2005-04-26 shortSubst $Id:...$ -> $Id$ (as in cvs ... -kk) in all the...
2005-04-26 shortCleaned up.
2005-04-26 shortMissing ignore: CVS
2005-04-26 shortFixed false error code on diff(1) returning its exit...
2005-04-25 shortNew kernel architecture: mips64
2005-04-25 short+Ignore stipped directories of the
2005-04-22 shortOmit misleading: nommu.c
2005-04-22 short+.gdbinit with some utility functions for Linux kernel...
2005-04-21 short.vimrc for kernel sources searching.
2005-04-21 shortFixed fatal @ARGV handling.
2005-04-21 short"_remove" is now recursive!
2005-04-21 shortCosmetic error message adjustment.
2005-04-21 shortObsoleted by: kernel/
2005-04-21 short+Some Linux kernel sources handling utilities.
2005-04-20 shortPrevent gdm(8) lockups on non-interactive consoles.
2005-04-20 shortExtend perldir searched for Debian.
2005-04-20 shortRestore Tab behavior to the older (or non-Debian?)...
2005-03-28 shortPrevent: perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
2005-03-28 shortPrevent adding keys multiple times for phrase-protected...
2005-03-28 short+StrictHostKeyChecking ask
2005-03-28 short+Debian compatibility for VAJ.
2005-03-07 shortUnify username to: lace
2005-03-07 shortInclude setuid() - script is tested now.
2005-03-07 shortInitial version of sshd(8) 'sftp' wrapper.
2005-03-04 short+Force English.
2005-02-19 shortMangle the tn/tp/next/prev/cn/cp hotkeys.
2005-02-10 shortDisable cst for single-click CTRL-].
2005-02-09 shortImporove "font-size" handling: +max-height
2005-01-28 shortfont-size defix: +<li/>
2005-01-01 shortDo not permit override of "height" for <input />; confl...
2005-01-01 shortAllow override of font sizes - ignore document specifie...
2004-12-29 shortError next-prev map to: ALT-M, ALT-L
2004-12-28 shortFixed getopts/OPTIND handling.
2004-12-26 short+Optional folder cleaning after the close of == folder.
2004-12-26 shortBe silent.
2004-12-26 shortSystem-wide user-specific spawning of ssh-agent(1).
2004-12-26 short_bash_profile_addpath: Final workaround for $OPTIND...
2004-12-26 shortCleanup obsolete entries.
2004-12-26 shortUpdate new entries.
2004-12-26 shortMove to UTF-8.
2004-12-26 shortRetreat some too drastic design unifications.
2004-12-26 shortStart using UTF-8.
2004-12-26 shortSimplified by using unified: <>
2004-12-22 shortFixed _bash_profile_addpath to prevent $OPTIND corruption.
2004-12-16 shortMove PHP installdir to: /usr/local/apache
2004-12-16 shortObsolete.
2004-12-16 shortapache_1.3.33
2004-12-16 shortComplete removal of mod_perl support.
2004-12-05 shortStart using unified e-mail address.
2004-12-05 shortCleanup rpm/ from any development files.
2004-12-02 shortuse decoded "url" parameter instead of raw $QUERY_STRING.
2004-12-01 shortSimple redirection by $QUERY_STRING
2004-11-30 short"autocmd! gzip" no longer appears to exist in common...
2004-11-14 shortDo not set 'perl CPAN install root' to $HOME for the...
2004-11-14 shortTrivia scripts to find all the required Perl modules...
2004-11-13 shortInclude "rpm-qa" file.
2004-11-13 shortSome fixes.
2004-10-16 shortTurn of tar(1) -vv
2004-10-16 shortBackup the whole system changes; rpm(1) based system...
2004-10-16 shortDisable default rpm directories redirection.
2004-10-08 shortPrevent some fixed content behavior.
2004-10-08 shortall HTML elements+=position: static !important;
2004-08-24 shortFixed typo to properly workaround Bugzilla # 256477.
2004-08-22 shortWorkaround Mozilla Bug # 256477 wrt clicking of <select/>s.
2004-07-20 shortmod_ssl-2.8.19-1.3.31
2004-07-13 shortUpdate for: diff: `-999999' option is obsolete; use...
2004-06-17 short+"</dev/null" to prevent "stopped" state
2004-06-03 shortphp: +--with-iconv
2004-06-02 shortapache_1.3.31
2004-05-07 shortMuch faster now and fully non-interactive.
2004-05-05 shortSun Intellectual property moved out of the public CVS...
2004-05-05 short$PATH+=/opt/SUNWspro/bin
2004-05-05 shortFixed 'norc'.
2004-04-30 short"NOTREACHED" fatal error reported to stderr now (no...
2004-04-27 short+implemented "ProductivityTools-check"
2004-04-16 shortUse Sun '/share/ProductivityTools/' only on SunOS.
2004-04-15 shortUse automounted $HOME instead of static mount.
2004-04-15 short+Prevent g$i from system directory overriding customize...
2004-04-15 shortExchange priorities of Sun directories in $PATH.
2004-04-09 shortPrint base of each directory subtree specified in the...