3 days ago Jan Kratochvilbin/exx: +xpi master
2022-10-10 Jan Kratochvil.gdbinit: +u, +pjstr
2022-09-23 Jan Kratochvilbin/taillog: +ulimit -n
2022-09-09 Jan Kratochvil-git: checkout: +--ignore-other-worktrees
2022-09-09 Jan KratochvilUndo accidental commit.
2022-09-09 Jan Kratochvil-git: checkout: +--ignore-other-worktrees
2022-09-09 Jan Kratochvil+git: checkout: +--ignore-other-worktrees
2022-07-18 Jan Kratochvil+bin/cherry* for Jenkins.
2022-07-18 Jan Kratochvil+bin/git-show-ls
2022-07-06 Jan Kratochvilgpg: Fix the timeout after some change in F-36.
2022-06-08 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: ctags: +.hpp
2022-06-03 Jan Kratochvil.muttrc.addons: +HTML view
2022-05-30 Jan Kratochvil+bin/java_error-findaddr
2022-05-22 Jan Kratochvilbin/rpmmerge: exclude: +/usr/lib/sysimage/rpm/rpmdb...
2022-04-22 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: Another Termux workaround.
2022-04-08 Jan Kratochvil-**/.cvsignore
2022-03-24 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: Fix reset to default state.
2022-03-13 Jan KratochvilFix the <Esc>P workaround on: vim-enhanced-8.2.4529...
2022-02-10 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: Fix missing: heat.schedule
2022-01-28 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: 24h wrapping
2022-01-21 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: Protect changes to !s against running dnf.
2022-01-21 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: Accept also 12.34 (besides 12:34).
2022-01-17 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: Hide previous event as it has been proven...
2022-01-08 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: Keep the $statefile even after failed usbrelay.
2022-01-07 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: Fix scheduler regression.
2022-01-07 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: heat.schedule is now optional
2022-01-07 Jan Kratochvilbin/heat: +log
2022-01-07 Jan Kratochvil+bin/heat,+bin/usbrelay
2021-12-09 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: +set clipboard=; for MS-Windows.
2021-12-09 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: cosmo8: +pi
2021-12-05 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: cosmo8: -User; it is not used by Termux.
2021-11-14 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: +DEBUGINFOD_URLS=""
2021-11-14 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: Fix: ctags: Warning: "--file-tags" option...
2021-11-11 Jan Kratochvil.gdbinit: Update:
2021-11-01 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: Fix MinGW64 printing "unlimited" on each ulimi...
2021-10-08 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: cosmo8: Fix host->originalhost
2021-10-07 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: +host1vps2
2021-09-18 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: PS1: Termux exception: +$SHELL; for local...
2021-09-18 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: PS1: Termux exception: $SHELL -> $SSH_CLIENT
2021-09-18 Jan Kratochvil.gitconfig: +merge.renamelimit=10000
2021-08-11 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: Update from jkratoch.
2021-08-11 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: +<Esc>s: wdiff
2021-07-28 Jan Kratochvilyoutube-dl: Fix to always choose the best resolution...
2021-07-24 Jan Kratochvil+gpg-agent: pinentry-timeout 0
2021-07-15 Jan Kratochvil.muttrc.addons: +R
2021-06-21 Jan Kratochvilupsc-log-diff: +$line
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: Update.
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil+bin/shutdown-detect*
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: +Cosmo
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: RH updates.
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.muttrc: Move $from before: ~/.muttrc.priv
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: Simplify.
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.muttrc: Update.
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: Put id_rsa first so that it does not complain:
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.ssh/config: Update.
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil+bin/upsc-log,+bin/upsc-log-diff
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.gitconfig: -# ChangeLog merge attempt
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil.gitconfig: email =
2021-06-19 Jan Kratochvil-blame.ignoreRevsFile
2021-06-14 Jan Kratochvilyoutube-dl: +av1, +<=4k
2021-06-10 Jan Kratochvilbin/git-bisect-status: Match it more GIT.
2021-06-10 Jan Kratochvilbin/git-bisect-status: +x
2021-06-10 Jan Kratochvil+bin/git-bisect-status
2021-05-12 Jan Kratochvil+bin/wcsrc
2021-05-10 Jan Kratochvil+bin/git-clang-format
2021-05-06 Jan Kratochvil.gdbinit: +break pending=on
2021-04-27 Jan Kratochvil-.netrc: It breaks various stuff I forgot about incl...
2021-04-26 Jan Kratochvil.muttrc.addons: +alt1
2021-04-26 Jan Kratochvil.muttrc.addons: folder-hook "" -> "."
2021-04-24 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: +gthumb
2021-04-24 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: +CCACHE_PREFIX
2021-04-16 Jan Kratochvil-.ssh/known_hosts: More trouble than benefits.
2021-04-16 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: TZ: Termux compatibility.
2021-04-16 Jan Kratochvil.inputrc: Termux compatibility.
2021-04-16 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: Termux compatibility.
2021-03-11 Jan Kratochvil-.toprc; it became incompatible with new 'top'.
2021-02-19 Jan Kratochvilbin/errs12: Update.
2020-11-29 Jan Kratochvil.gitconfig: update
2020-11-29 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: -valgrind
2020-10-09 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: <Esc>P: Hopefully a final fix.
2020-08-01 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: -noremap <Esc>P
2020-07-16 rootrpmsafereduce: Fix missing: /usr/local
2020-04-29 Jan Kratochvilbin/diffgdb: +1 ignore pattern
2020-04-20 Jan Kratochvilgdbunpack: Strip off some pre-uu garbage.
2020-03-04 Jan Kratochvildashtopatch: Prevent *.patch+*.Upatch if: <origin>...
2020-03-04 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: +nojoinspaces
2020-03-04 Jan Kratochvil.vimrc: Workaround Termux VIM on cosmo8: Also for remot...
2020-02-25 rootbin/checkhello: update
2020-02-24 root+checkhello
2020-02-23 root.vimrc: Workaround Termux VIM on cosmo8.
2020-01-27 Jan Kratochvildashtopatch: Default origin: gdb->origin
2020-01-27 Jan Kratochvildashtopath: -'-' requirement
2019-12-19 Jan Kratochvil+clang-tidy-filter
2019-12-19 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: rpmbuildlocal: +time
2019-12-17 root.bashrc: $PS1: +Termux exception.
2019-12-17 root.bashrc: Move *_proxy earlier; I do not remember why.
2019-11-21 Jan Kratochvil.bashrc: +GTK_OVERLAY_SCROLLING=0
2019-11-06 rootrpmsafereduce: +$IGNORE_D,die->carp
2019-11-04 rootrpmsafe: realpath fixes
2019-11-04 rootrpmsafe: +realpath