2006-07-19 laceIgnore: -*message-id as it is pretty important.
2006-07-14 laceOptimized _bash_profile_addpath() performance.
2006-07-11 lacevim-7 compatibility tuning.
2006-06-29 laceSpawn SSH agent even on remote hosts (for some foreign...
2006-06-29 lace$VIMINIT initialization made compatible with: mandrake...
2006-06-28 lace+Support: ~/.taillog.addon
2006-06-20 laceIt really does not exist anywhere?
2006-06-15 lacecvs: +-z3
2006-06-15 laceUpdate comment regarding: set history filename
2006-04-27 lace+export VIMINIT: Set VIM setup even from foreign home...
2006-04-18 lace+alias cal
2006-03-31 laceUpdate: CentOS-4.3
2006-02-04 laceCope with minimized system installations.
2006-01-26 lace+.msi extraction by: cabextract(1)
2006-01-20 laceMaybe implemented PGP-5.x+ compatibility.
2005-12-30 lace+alias chgrp='chgrp --no-dereference'
2005-12-25 lace+alias disass='objdump -D --target=binary --architectur...
2005-12-18 lace+function ipcsrmall: Remove shared memory + semaphores...
2005-12-18 lace+GPL copyright comment.
2005-12-13 shortUtilize clearenv(3).
2005-12-13 shortSupport "/lib64" for perl(1) include files for: x86_64
2005-12-03 shortUpdate: CentOS-4.2
2005-11-30 short+set nofoldenable
2005-11-29 shortJust 'hidden', I do not believe I would needed it again.
2005-11-29 shortSimple accelerator for repeated ssh(1) authorization...
2005-11-29 shortgetdents64(2) test case.
2005-11-29 short+export GTK_IM_MODULE="im-ja"
2005-11-19 short+debuginfo(1) for easy '-debuginfo' packages installation.
2005-11-19 short+Tab scrollbars fix also for Epiphany.
2005-11-03 short+alias hexedit='hexedit -s'
2005-10-20 shortCosmetic: Fixed help text typo.
2005-09-25 shortRemoved pipebuf(1) based cvs(1) aliases.
2005-09-19 short+'' player.
2005-09-14 shortSimplified revlines(1).
2005-09-03 short+Some comments about bugs workarounds.
2005-09-03 shortProvide latest CVS URL.
2005-09-03 shortCleanup: Removed some trash.
2005-09-03 shortCentOS-4.1 bootstrapper.
2005-08-25 short+Support for XHTML "Accept" negotiations: -x
2005-08-22 short+Comment regarding Debian compatibility syntax.
2005-08-21 short+alias chown='chown --no-dereference'
2005-08-20 shortFixed history saving settings.
2005-08-19 short+<C-k>: aspell(1) call.
2005-08-17 short+$Id$
2005-08-15 short+"euc-jp" file encoding autodetection.
2005-08-11 short+*.s
2005-08-10 short+GDBHISTFILE="$HOME/.gdb_history"
2005-08-07 shortDisable setting fixed history filename as it is now...
2005-08-07 shortFixed/removed redefinition of '%_usrsrc'.
2005-08-06 shortImported "bin/ssh-agent-spawn" into .bashrc (for non...
2005-08-06 shortHandle non-existing local SSH keys without error (...
2005-08-06 shortSet $TMOUT only for SSH remote connections.
2005-08-06 short+Fix $USER and $LOGNAME (not $MAIL) for /etc/passwd...
2005-08-01 shortFixed "pri" parsing.
2005-08-01 shortImplemented "pri" priorities.
2005-07-31 shortFixed handling of wrong-logged "(laceno)" lines.
2005-07-31 shortDupe cleanup.
2005-07-31 short+Minna no Nihongo Lesson 7
2005-07-31 shortFixed "country" o- prefix.
2005-06-28 shortFixed FC4 deadlock invocated by: /etc/profile.d/
2005-06-27 short"ulimit -c" set only as SOFT.
2005-06-19 shortFixed "Host" header.
2005-06-19 short+Provide header: X-httpgetdumb: $Id$
2005-06-19 shortPermit $arch variable override from: %ENV
2005-06-19 shortBetter (what does really mean "better"?) handling of...
2005-06-13 short@My::KernelIgnoreList::list+="reltab"
2005-06-11 short_bash_profile_addpath(): Prevent multiplication of...
2005-06-10 shortSome socket connectors UNIX<->TCP and UNIX<->PIPE.
2005-05-29 shortupdate
2005-05-29 short+Minna no Nihongo Lesson 2
2005-05-24 shortGREP_OPTIONS: ignore: +tags,TAGS,CVS
2005-05-24 shortctags(): Ignore "tags"/"TAGS" files.
2005-05-24 shortupdate
2005-05-23 short'oikutsu'+=(pol)
2005-05-22 shortBasic skeleton, MnN Lesson 1.
2005-05-22 shortjaxam(1) supporting .vimrc's.
2005-05-22 shortMoved .vimrc commands to an external file.
2005-05-22 shortFixed warn if duplicity.
2005-05-22 shortGaleon tab scrollbar fix.
2005-05-22 shortResolve amiguous english->kana translations.
2005-05-22 short+-w|--wrong VIM support.
2005-05-22 shortFixed WaKan vs. edict comments, now use: ;.*
2005-05-22 shortMoved from WaKan to edict.
2005-05-22 shortDropped the WaKan support as moving to 'edict' instead.
2005-05-21 shortMove to the first (instead of the last) New message...
2005-05-21 shortRemoved duplicities.
2005-05-21 shortConversion: "JFE \d"->"jfe\d"
2005-05-21 short+$Id$.
2005-05-21 shortBasic formatting fixes.
2005-05-21 short"jfe_1-9.csv" of: <>
2005-05-21 shortFixes/cleanup to the 'folder-hook' handling.
2005-05-20 shortJapanese exam tool using WaKan dictionary format.
2005-05-19 short+Restore the cursor position after the file got opened.
2005-05-18 short+cvs -q
2005-05-16 short+Prevent binary files like 'wtmp' or 'utmp': /.tmp$
2005-05-14 shortObsolete, use: formail -s
2005-05-14 shortNo longer used.