2001-12-31 rootBells are turned off, /etc/inputrc is included for...
2001-12-31 rootPerl script to store/extract symlinks from .cvslinks...
2001-12-31 root+=flock,pipebuf,unmime
2001-12-31 rootpipebuf included as it is used by .bashrc/cvs*() functions
2001-07-09 jankratochvilThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2001-07-09 shortpkg: Local packages are machine-dependent
2001-07-09 shortJust CFLAGS settings
2001-07-09 shortImproved version, originally named "ev2.c"
2001-07-09 shortExpression evaluation
2001-07-09 shortC 'const' attribute weirdness example
2001-07-09 shortVarious common utility sources
2001-07-09 short"identd" client, by Tomas Bures <ghort@atrey.karlin...
2001-07-09 shortCommon public sources
2001-07-09 shortSystem-independent scripts