2001-07-21 short.gdb_history - private
2001-07-21 short"LC_CTYPE=cs_CZ.ISO-8859-2" added for recent Mutt using...
2001-07-20 shortweblint has been installed, default config
2001-07-20 shortweblint is 'foreign'
2001-07-11 shortDisallow (I)gnores even for "import" command
2001-07-11 shortForbid Indexes
2001-07-11 short"bazarwatch" entry added to CVS (as 'dead')
2001-07-11 shortPersonal Muttrc, requires "~/.muttrc.priv" & "~/.muttrc...
2001-07-11 shortStandard(=foreign) tool Mutt & co.:
2001-07-10 short".muttrc.priv" is considered private
2001-07-10 shortMachine-specific and private files
2001-07-10 shortSome personal preferences
2001-07-10 shortBinary and/or standard(=foreign) tools
2001-07-10 shortMaintain ~/WWW/home.txt for easy connection to dynamic...
2001-07-10 shortDump comment-strippped current directory contents,...
2001-07-10 shortPersonal: Fill Phorum #1 with "$HOME/WWW/4c/list-folder"
2001-07-10 short"autogen" compilation invoker, generates $HOME/errs...
2001-07-10 shortInvokes specified command on each separate mail from...
2001-07-10 shortNo longer usable, mailing list controlship out-of-scope now
2001-07-10 shortEAP HOT mailing list canceller, requires "~/priv/eap...
2001-07-10 shortno longer 'user friendly', STEP start/stop done by...
2001-07-10 start/stop script invoked from...
2001-07-10 shortobsoleted, needed m1d functionality no longer available
2001-07-10 shortEuroTel DELAY mail generator
2001-07-10 credit earner, requires "~/priv/centru...
2001-07-10 shortobsolete, replaced by CVS
2001-07-10 shortrc files distributing script
2001-07-10 shortobsoleted, replaced by CGW - a Concurrent GateWay
2001-07-10 shortRFC822 sendmail communication, +err FROM address, ...
2001-07-10 shortThe most obsolete SMS forwarder, "version 1.0"
2001-07-10 shortm1d functionality no longer available
2001-07-10 shortObsolete script for SMS group multicasting through m1d
2001-07-10 shortMachine-specific files:
2001-07-10 shortConfig covering all the hosts
2001-07-09 shortcall_cvs 2>&1 | less
2001-07-09 shortpkg: Local packages are machine-dependent
2001-07-09 shortJust CFLAGS settings
2001-07-09 shortImproved version, originally named "ev2.c"
2001-07-09 shortExpression evaluation
2001-07-09 shortC 'const' attribute weirdness example
2001-07-09 shortVarious common utility sources
2001-07-09 short"identd" client, by Tomas Bures <ghort@atrey.karlin...
2001-07-09 shortCommon public sources
2001-07-09 shortSystem-independent scripts