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ownerJan Kratochvil
last changeTue, 27 Mar 2007 10:36:34 +0000 (10:36 +0000)
2007-03-27 laceCompatibility with recent: automake-1.10-5 master
2006-05-07 laceDropped the support of: $Options{"GetOptions_args"} udpgate-1_1_1
2005-12-29 laceFixed builds from a directory outside of the sourcetree. captive-1_1_6_1 captive-1_1_7
2005-12-28 lacepod2html(1) temporary files are global illness. captive-1_1_6
2005-10-09 shortImplemented workarounds for Pod::Html bugs. udpgate-1_1
2005-06-20 shortRetry glade(1)/glade-2(1) on DISPLAY ":0" if the Xvnc... udpgate-1_0_2 udpgate-1_0_3
2005-05-11 shortPrevent some 'underquoted' warns.
2005-04-20 short&_cleanfilesfordir: Make the full 'cleanfiles' list...
2003-09-21 shortFixed building of Debian-native packages without any... captive-0_9 captive-0_9_1 captive-0_9_2 captive-0_9_3 captive-0_9_4 captive-0_9_5 captive-0_9_6 captive-0_9_7 captive-1_0 captive-1_0_1 captive-1_0_2 captive-1_1 captive-1_1_1 captive-1_1_1_1 captive-1_1_1_2 captive-1_1_2 captive-1_1_3 captive-1_1_3_1 captive-1_1_3_2 captive-1_1_4 captive-1_1_5 gnome_vfs_httpcaptive_2_3_8captive1 gnome_vfs_httpcaptive_2_3_8captive2 lufs_0_9_6_captive2 lufs_0_9_6_captive3 lufs_0_9_6_captive5 lufs_0_9_6_captive6 lufs_0_9_7_captive7 lufs_0_9_7_captive8 mdsms_1_5_3 ntfsprogs_200309071734_captive1 ntfsprogs_gnomevfs_1_0 ntfsprogs_gnomevfs_1_0_1 ntfsprogs_gnomevfs_1_0_2 udpgate-1_0 udpgate-1_0_1
2003-09-20 shortFixed .deb 'foreign' patched packages versioning. lufs_0_9_6_captive1
2003-09-20 shortWritten AutoGen documentation.
2003-09-20 shortSupport proper 'foreign'/patched packages versioning...
2003-09-20 shortSupport proper 'foreign'/patched packages versioning.
2003-09-18 shortCosmetic: Xvnc(1) message updated.
2003-09-18 shortInclude glade-2(1) --write-source support.
2003-09-18 shortDelete 'configure.orig' after patch(1).
16 years ago udpgate-1_1_1
17 years ago captive-1_1_6_1
17 years ago captive-1_1_7
17 years ago captive-1_1_6
17 years ago udpgate-1_1
17 years ago udpgate-1_0_2
17 years ago udpgate-1_0_3
19 years ago captive-0_9
19 years ago captive-0_9_1
19 years ago captive-0_9_2
19 years ago captive-0_9_3
19 years ago captive-0_9_4
19 years ago captive-0_9_5
19 years ago captive-0_9_6
19 years ago captive-0_9_7
19 years ago captive-1_0
16 years ago master