Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
[nethome.git] / bin / changelogget
2018-02-05 Jan Kratochvilbin/changelogget: https->http
2013-07-31 Jan Kratochvilchangelogget: Update for new
2010-01-17 jkratochSupport "-f" filtering for unChangeLogging.
2009-11-12 jkratoch+GCC SVN patches download.
2009-10-25 jkratochFix the recently accidentally disabled patch subdownloa...
2009-10-08 jkratochSupport getting posted mails (as Raw Text).
2009-10-08 jkratochChange -n to -q.
2009-09-29 translation.
2009-09-25 jkratochFix disabling of the ChangeLog changes.
2009-09-25 jkratochinit