Cosmetic: warnings fixed when 'gettext' returns 'const' value
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2001-04-08 shortVersion bumped to 1.5.1. rel_1_5_1
2001-04-08 shortReflected mdsms.c:1.21->1.22 updates, up-to-date
2001-04-07 shortReflected mdsms.c:1.20->1.21 updates, up-to-date
2001-04-07 shortFixed typo causing error during compilation
2001-04-07 shortReflected mdsms.c:1.19->1.20 updates, up-to-date
2001-04-04 short.cvsignore files added, "-I !" assumed.
1999-11-15 shortMessage Reference is now reported for each of --ring...
1999-11-07 shortPDU receive mode implemented, untested yet.
1999-11-03 shortLocalization added together with Czech catalog. Czech...